so. this is few weeks later. or something.
"this essay is due next week, so if yoou arent done yet i strongly adviseyou get your partner's phone number or address so you can get it done," mrs. barnes called out, from her postion at the computer. ryder waggled his eyebrows at arizona. "see, now i actually have excuse to get your number." 
"you mean flirting with me because you can wasn't a good enough reason?" arizona quipped, without looking up. ryder laughed, and she blushed. she shouldnt be teasing with him like this, arizona thought. its too close. too personal. she raised he head and sighed, running a hand through her dark brown hair. "okay. here's the deal." ryder raised his dark eyes expectantly, meeting hers, and she blushed, looking away. "here's my cell number. but if you use it for anything other than this project, i will end you." ryder smiled. "ooh, threats." he teased. "sexy." again, arizona turned pink, her heart racing. she never had liked to be complimented. especially not in this case.
okay gtg my parents are making me spend time with them BUT I WILL WRITE MORE I HAVE BECOME EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THEM 
dont forget i love you, babes ♥
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