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first of all i just want to say, CUT THE LIARS MAMS SOME SLACK! OMG. 

I kinda felt bad for Pam. I don't really like her for the past stuff she's done to emily, or not accepting her, and to see her breakdown and cry. omg. wow.


Ezra wants to help? Is that so he can get back into Aria's good books or is it for a totally different reason? I just hope it's nothing bad.

Jake? For some reason he reminds me of Cece. I don't have a reason why, but he strikes me like he knows more than he lets on, and he could be board shorts? I mean look at him.. It's a shot in the dark, but i don't trust him. At all.

& Mike. Why is his team bullying him? & why has he joined tae kwon do? is he gay and his team mates are bullying him for that? & that's why him and Conner don't speak? idk.

Then the main thing, Mona. I think she got Hanna to tell her all sides of that story from her point of view so she could relay it in hanna's point of view. I mean look at it this way, if she relayed it to the cops in Hanna's point of view, but used herself, she would seem crazy! & that's what they're going to think. They're going to lock her up in radley again, and Hanna's mother will be allowed out. She's also done it to prove something to Hanna. 

She knows she'd not get sent away to prison, and she'd get sent to radley which means she's allowed her visitation and everything still. So she's basically still on the outside, as we all know, she knows how to escape too. 

So Mona has possibly done this as a nice gesture.

& Wilden fudged the report on Toby's mam. She was on the roof, and not the window ledge, so who was the girl? CeCe? Ali? My bet is CeCe, and that's how and why she didn't like Wilden all that much, because he had something over her, and he fudged the report, covering up something they both did, yet holding it over her head. 

That's why he's now dead. CeCe could be red coat, and she's took her revenge. She killed him so then she'd never have a problem anymore.

- Wilden was a liar. He fudged police reports.
- Blonde was possibly CeCe.
- CeCe got her revenge and killed Wilden so she could be free.
- Mona went to the cops and lied because they'd not do anything to bad to her and she knows it.
- Wilden and CeCe had something to do with Toby's mothers death. 
- Wilden blackmailed CeCe, until he couldn't no longer.

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