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  • Kodak Folding Camera
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    For Sale on 1stdibs - Kodak accordian folding camera with black case
  • Rolleicord V vintage camera twin lens camera circa mid 1950s
    Vintage Rolleicord V. twin lens. mid century German engineering. 120 Film Camera. Coated Xenar taking lens. .circa. Mid 1950s. .condition. "Shutterbug Magazine" rating system Overall Excellent cosmetic and working condition. all camera speeds operational but have not been checked for accuracy. Slight paint wear on camera back (see photographs) Film tested. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please don't hesitate
  • Google Fiber Amazing Internet! Same Old TV.
    Google can bring Kansas City crazy fast broadband. But it can't blow up the TV bundle.
    • Menu Design Menu - Juuri Storage Glass
    • HONORÉ DES PRÉS Love Coco Eau de parfum
    • Apolis Activism Market Bag – Commerce with a Conscience
    • Premade Chanel Bag
  • Fujifilm Instax 7
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  • Crosley Echo Portable USB Record Player CR6003A-CR
    Easily Take your favorite vinyl and convert them to digital files in just seconds.
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    • Magno - Wooden Radio Mini
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  • Uglydoll Mimobot USB Flash Drive
    In the world of Uglydolls, 'ugly' means unique or special...and these flash drives are definitely both! Carry your files in style with these compact 8GB flash drives. Choose between the (literally) super cool Ice Bat or little thief Ox, who holds a stack of scared-looking dollars in his hand! Each drive comes with desktop wallpapers, icons, and more digital extras for you to enjoy. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Approximately 2.5 tall
  • Vintage Record Player Turntable Portable Small
    This Vintage Record Player is in Non-Working Condition and is being sold as a display piece. Unit is made by Sears and is the Solid State
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  • Asahi: Pentax K1000 SE Price Guide: estimate a camera value
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    • Coque iphone 4s caméra
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    • Letter Hawk Embroidery Snapback
    • Mougin & Piquard for J.Crew Grande Seconde watch in black
  • Tandy Radio Shack TRS 80 MODEL I
    The Tandy TRS 80 model 1 was the first member of one of the most famous computer family. It was one of the first home computer and was launched at the same time as famous computers like the Apple II or the Commodore PET. Beside, Tandy competitors nicknamed was ¨Trash-80¨. The TRS-80 was developed was developed within the Radio Shack engeneering group, based upon several processor chips, SC/MP, PACE, 8008, 8080 and finally the Z80. It used a black & white TV set, made by RCA, without tuner as monitor. The earlier models use a poor basic called Basic Level 1 (the Basic and the OS fit in the 4 KB ROM!). It was replaced later with the Basic Level 2 which needed a 12 KB ROM. To offset its poor characteristics, Tandy developed a device called Expansion Interface which brings a lot of new features : additional 16 or 32kb RAM, two tape unit connectors, a printer port, a floppy disk controller, a serial port and a real time clock. Tandy did as well 5, 10 and 15 MB hard drives. The case for them is about the size of a small PC tower. It´s possible to fit 2 drives into each case. They were compatible with all TRS-80 versions. When it was connected to a floppy disk unit, the TRS-80 uses the TRS DOS operating system, it was pretty bugged and most of the TRS-80 users prefered NEW DOS, it was an operating system done by a third-party company called Apparat. This OS was the real TRS-80 operating system. LS-DOS was also an excellent DOS, superior to NEW DOS for most users. Interestingly, Microsoft´s MS-DOS became more and more like LS-DOS each time it was updated, although never as good. LS-DOS was finally adopted by Tandy as the official DOS for the Model 4. Documentation for all the TRS machines was superb. Even Microsoft provided documentation for its BASIC interpreter listing all the machine calls. You could use these calls when programming with either machine code or BASIC. The Model I was followed by the TRS 80 model II (a business computer) and model III which had almost the same characteristics as the model I. _________ Contributors : Donald French, Paul D Moore
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  • stock.xchng - old slr (stock photo by surely)
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  • The Sony Walkman (1979-2010)
    Born into a technology world dominated by brands from Europe and the West, the Walkman could scarcely dream of the rollercoaster life of fame, stardom
  • NRF 50/1.1
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  • 1940 Bakelite Emerson Radio
    Remember when we use to sit in front of the the little radio and listen to The Lone Ranger? The Green Hornet was also one of my favorites. This little
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  • Holga Cameras
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