Twiggy, the name is forever connected with change of things to come.
She was a slender waif with huge eyes.
Yardley of London Glimmericks, ballet flats, huge sunglasses, and pink pink lips. 
Lush eye lashes were a must.
The simple lines of the sheath dress, followed by the A-line and the empire waist dress was the fashion of the day.
Make up, fashion, hair..all of this was happening in a flash.
Women realized they could be whatever they wanted to be.
Throw away that apron, go out in the world, and see what you can be.
Although the Blythe doll did not arrive till later, she always reminded me of Twiggy.
The 1960's Everything Twiggy Invasion
Celebrity Closet: Twiggy

Celebrity Closet: Twiggy

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With long legs and big eyes and a sleek cap of hair, Twiggy was still a teen when she made it to the top of the modeling world. How would you style Twiggy?

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