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  • Taylor Swift New Album 1989 Release Date October 27, 2014 Deluxe Edition Available at Target
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    "1989" — @itaylorswift13
    Taylor Swift, an American singer-songwriter, is scheduled to release her newest album 1989 on Oct. 27 later this year. This will be the fifth studio album by the singer and her lead single "Shake It Off" will be included in the album.
  • Welcome to New York (song)
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    "Welcome To New York" — @itaylorswift13
  • Blank Space
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    "Blank Space" — @itaylorswift13
  • Style (Taylor Swift song)
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    "Style" — @itaylorswift13
  • Out of the Woods (song)
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    "Out Of The Woods" — @itaylorswift13
  • All You Had to Do Was Stay One Week One Band
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    "All You Had To Do Was Stay" — @itaylorswift13
    There’s a song on my album called “All You Had to Do Was Stay.” I was having this dream, that was actually one of those embarrassing dreams, where you’re mortified in the dream, you’re like humiliated. In the dream, my ex had come to the door to beg for me to talk to him or whatever, and I opened up the door and I went to go say, “Hi,” or “What are you doing here?” or something—something normal—but all that came out was this high-pitched singing that said, “Stay!” It was almost operatic. So I wrote this song, and I used that sound in the song. Weird, right? I woke up from the dream, saying the weird part into my phone, figuring I had to include it in something because it was just too strange not to. That’s Taylor in Time again. This is, I think, the thing that makes her so compelling: she’s great at recognizing sweeping narrative, and pop hooks, and using both shamelessly, but what she has that makes her Taylor Swift is this undeniable knack for knowing when to throw in something weird, something that makes the song specifically hers. All You Had to Do Was Stay sounds like a kiss off: people like you always wants back / the love you pushed aside / but people like me are gone forever / when you say goodbye. But then in the chorus there are those frantic interjections, undercutting the coolness of all you had to do was stay—stay! Stay! Stay! It’s like the I’s in Treacherous, and I Wish You Would, and, later, I Know Places. 1989 in particular is an album full of images and phrases that repeat themselves, both in songs and between them. That repetition is the stutter of the self trying to find itself again, a head trying to navigate its own jagged landscape after a breakup. It’s obsessive, rushed, desperate for resolution and incapable of breaking its own cyclic pattern. Bon Iver’s Skinny Love distills the rupture of a breakup into a single, piercing question: if all your love is wasted, then who the hell was I? 1989 attempts to answer that question over and over again: I’m the girl who moved to New York and started fresh. I’m the girl you’ve heard all about already: toxic, dangerous, irresistible. I’m the one you wanted in the first place; I’m the one you saw first thing in the morning after so many long nights. And if I can be all of those things without you, then they had nothing to do with you, not really. I might still be myself. That takes a long time to find out, though, and even longer to believe. In the mean time, you tell yourself stories about how it might have been: How You Get the Girl, and I Wish You Would, and then: All You Had to do Was Stay. There’s no fixing it except by making it never have happened in the first place. It’s dangerous to admit to that, though, all of your soft, sweet, wishful thinking. You would never call up an ex and tell him: listen, man, all you had to do was stay. I wish you were right here, right now. This is how you get the girl. So it’s no accident that the chorus is something that bubbled up from a dream. The words lived in her head, circling each other, unavoidable and unsayable. She swallowed them until she couldn’t anymore. She thought: I can’t, I won’t, and she didn’t, until, in a dream, and then, in a song, the words came up and caught in her throat. They stuttered and chased. In the song she say whatever she needs to. So she can, and does.
  • Shake It Off (Taylor Swift song)
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    "Shake It Off" — @itaylorswift13
  • Bad Blood (Taylor Swift song)
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    "Bad Blood" — @itaylorswift13
  • Taylor Swift Article Taylor Swift “I Wish You Would” lyrics
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    "I Wish You Would" — @itaylorswift13
    Fanpop original article: Taylor Swift I Wish You Would is a track from the "1989" LP. "I Wish You Would" is a song about an ex-boyfriend who bought a house two blocks from Taylor's.
  • Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift song)
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    "Wildest Dreams" — @itaylorswift13
  • taylor swift cover arts
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    "How You Get The Girl" — @itaylorswift13
    “How You Get The Girl” (with lyrics) by 1989, cover art:
  • Taylor Swift Article Taylor Swift “This Love” lyrics
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    "This Love" — @itaylorswift13
    Fanpop original article: Taylor Swift This Love is track no. 11 from "1989". In the lyrics of "This Love", Taylor says the love she feels for a man is both good and bad.
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    "I Know Places" — @itaylorswift13
    TAYLOR SWIFT 1989 TRACK BY TRACK ROUNDTABLE REVIEW Redg Camarse, Josef Gacutan, and Randolph Pontillas Coherent Fangirls are still alive! And it's almost too fitting to talk about Taylor Swift's newest album on our blog's resurrection from a very long hiatus! Taylor Swift's 1989 is one of the best things 2014 music has given us. For…
  • Why Everyone Should Listen To Taylor Swift’s Song “Clean” Walking In The Right Sized Shoes
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    "Clean" — @itaylorswift13
    Taylor Swift is known for writing songs about relationships and breakups, and many of her lyrics are extremely relatable. Some people aren't fans of Swift simply because of the topics of her songs, but her song "Clean" from her latest album "1989" is a song that I believe everyone needs to listen to at least…

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