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survey time!
What's your favorite name for a girl?
i've always got something for nicole and melanie
What's your favorite name for a boy?
uhm.. i don't have any...
Do you like coke or pepsi?
i hate coke and pepsi is even worse...

Have you read Twilight?
no but i saw the movie..

What does your car smell like?
a car...

Have you ever eaten a marshmallow burnt?
i didn't had the pleasure to try it

Do you have a gerbil?
no ._.

Are you afraid of airplanes?
noooo! how am i suposed to go to korea if i was afraid of them?

What gives you goosebumps?
cold... i don't have groosebumps when i'm scared..

Whose your favorite character on TV?
are fictional characters ok? because that's the oly thing i watch in tv...

Why did you take this survey?
because i was tagged, duh xD

Do you like ice cream?
ice cream is the most amazing thing in the world, it's perfect in summer and as well in winter

Have you been to an arcade before?

What is your favorite song?
don't ask me things like what's your favourite song, or movie or book, because i can never answer!

What is your least favorite movie?
i d o n ' t k n o w !

When do you think the world will end?
21st december 2012

Do you think cheesy jokes are funny?
i guess yeah

Do you like texting or calling?
texting is easier, but calling is better.

Have you ever online dated?
n o . 

Whose the last person you hugged?
my best friend ?? O.O
coloured your hair: n o . m y p a re n t s w o n ' t l e t m e ! but if i could, i'd like to make something like victoria in nu abo.. .________. 

habla espanol: buenos dias 

sprechen sie deutsches: guten tag 

have friends you've lost touch with: actually used to be one of my best friends and now TT^TT

feel happy?: i guess yes..

wish you could fly away.. far, far away?: seoul please.

believe in god?: most of the time no.

could you live without the computer?: is that possible??.

what's your favorite candy?: worms!

whats your favorite fruit?: strawberry, peach.. 

sunrise or sunset?: both.

trust others way too easily?: no, at all

are your fingers cold?: a l w a y s!

coke or pepsi: again this?.

this morning i was: already awake when mom came to wake me up...

i'm afraid of: spiders.

i dream about: being happy.

flowers or candy: candy you can't eat flowers.. lol jk .---.
have you ever... 
pictured a crush naked?: haha NO

been in love: n o .
with the opposite sex... 
what do you notice first?: what they're wearing, always.. and i don't know why...

last person you slow danced with: never

favourite physical feature: tall, thin but not too much sharp jawline...

favourite personality quality: funny, nice, brave kind...

scruff or clean shaven: clear shaven.

tall or short: tall
makes you laugh the most?: thoose two idiot that sits in front of me in the classroon.

makes you smile: isn't hard to make smile..
gives you a funny feeling when you see them: ...
is it easier talk to boys or girls? maybe girls..
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