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1D Family :D

BUY ONE DIRECTIONS NEW ALBUM: TAKE ME HOME! IN STORES NOW! The women with the luscious locks. Verified Directioner ✔ ALL ABOUT ED SHEERAN AND CHER LLOYD TOO NOW!!!!! ALL THINGS ONE DIRECTION! WHOOO,WHOOO! ALL SETS ABOUT THE BOYS AND ALL THEIR GIRLFRIENDS! SUPPORT THEM! I heard a secret, and I heard it’s true. Someone out there is looking for you. You better hide, and you better run. I heard your chances are little to none. That’s right little kitten, I heard it’s true. HAZZA IS OUT THERE AND LOOKING FOR YOU! They’re amaZAYN. You must be in deNIALL if you don’t like 1D. So, stop being a PAYNE, and HARRY up and love them. Or else, you’ll just look RidicuLOUIS. Zayn is Amazayn, Louis is Fabulouis, Niall is Phenomeniall, Liam is Brilliam & Harry is Extraordinharry. No Directionators allowed! FOLLOW MY PRIVATE ACCOUNT= @xprincessbubblegumx
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