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Chapter 8
“Hey so did Lucas ask you out?” Aubrey asked as we were waiting to rotate events at one of our competitions. 
“Uhmm yeah, on Sunday , I think it was…yeah Sunday. How did you know?” I asked and furrowed my eyebrows. I never told anyone but Paisley, and she doesn’t even go, or know anyone at that school except Lucas.
“Oh there was just a rumor going around that he was so…I was just wondering…”
Oh great, people do still talk about me behind my back…
“Oh okay….” I said and awkwardly picked up my phone and started randomly scrolling through things. Me and Aubrey sat there a while and didn’t talk…
“Wait did you say he asked you out Sunday?” she said, breaking the silence.
“Yeah? Why?” I was curious to see what she would say.
“Well because he asked me out on Monday at school, I said no of course, and then Wednesday he asked out some other girl.” (yeah uhm…did I mention that Aubrey and Lucas kind of have a bad history together….)
“That player.” I said and sat up.
“Ladies, please rotate to your next event!” the announcer called over the speakers and me and Aubrey picked up our bags.
“Yeah, tell me about it.” Aubrey said, rolling her eyes.

I cannot believe him…not one bit….ughh he frustrates me like no other!!

Its getting hot in here!! Haha I hope you liked this chapter…Even though it was short!:/ I know most of them are really short, but….oh well. Sorry :/ and I know what you’re thinking… Where. The heck. Are the boys? …well they aren’t here yet...but they’re coming… I promise…


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