please like this set:

I suck at old polyvore sets. this is my first one, and probably my last. omfg. it looks horrid.

tpha: i chose this outfit because i now have a weird fascination with green. i guess it's because my freshman class were supposed to wear it the whole day. anyway, i paired it with another green top, because old polyvorians like wearing lots of clothes to sleep, and sweats...with uggs, because they looked warm. i never used these, but also a juicy sleep mask that matched the color scheme. selena is there because i used to love using her in RPs and stuff. i'm not as into her now, but it's still cool..i guess. i miss her singing...

Academic Angels: ENTER!

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Academic Angels.
house leader: @hmcr
O1. @frannyboy-xo
O2. @dancerabby
O3. @sunsets-on-the-east-side
O4. @heyyitskim
O5. @tori-mellark
O6. @kristalovesallstarweekend
O7. @mellers99
O8. @ginaheartscupcakes
O9. @poepig
1O. @elaine-elizabethxo
&& @tpha-xx @carlayyy

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