1O. Kissing
Guy Series: O4.

First Kiss;;
♥When you and your guy are talking, keep glancing at his lips and into his eyes so that you guys have a connection. 
♥And when you guys have nothing left to say, lean to the RIGHT and start inching towards him. He will quickly catch on and go in for it also.
♥When your lips finally touch keep it light and sweet. But make sure you don't make your lips too full of tension. Keep the kiss for a couple seconds before pulling away.
♥Smile at him and if you want, lean towards him again and kiss him again.

Passionate Kisses;;
♥This time. place your hand on the pack of his neck and crane your head to the right and kiss him on the lips. Keep your lips full and move them lightly. 
♥Then move your head to the other side for a different sense of direction. Keep your lips moving and longer than a couple seconds.
♥You can open your mouth slighty, but this could open yourself to French Kissing which not everyone is comfortable with. 
♥While you two are kissing, you can move your fingers through his hair and twirl his hair. Maybe grip onto his shirt for a sense of control, so you can pull him closer or push him away easier. 

French Kissing;;
♥While you two are kissing like above, open your mouth slightly, moving with the kiss, Poke your tongue into his mouth and kind of move it with his.

♥Don't do this thing called "Washing Machine Syndrome" which is where your tongues move together in a circle generating a lot of spit, it is unpleasant and gross.

♥tongues may sound gross but it isn't as bad as you believe it to be. some people actually find it comforting and nice. Try to keep your tongue plush like and not super tense. It is like licking a rock. 

sorry this i a kinda weird tip. lol! hope this helps♥
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