Speaking in Public;
- Whether it’s for a school presentation, speech competition, or making a toast at the dinner table, we’re all going to have to do a little “public speaking” at least once in our lives. I hope these tips help you out next time you do(:

Before you begin..
» Take a deep breath and RELAX! Don’t think that you’re going to screw up. Have confidence in yourself & you’ll be fine(:
» Look at your audience and try to smile ♥ If they see that you’re calm, positive, and enthusiastic, they’ll be more likely to listen to what you have to say. And if you *do make a mistake later on, it won’t be such a big deal.

When giving your speech..
» Make eye contact! Do not just look at your podium, notecards, or whatever. Try to make eye contact with your audience, picking people at random and looking at them when you speak for a couple of seconds. If you’re like me & find staring into peoples’ eyes a bit creepy, look at the spot in between their eyes [ at the top of their nose bridge ]. It gives them the feeling that you’re making eye contact when you’re really not, lol ♥
» Speak so that everyone can hear you. Don’t mumble!
» If you’re comfortable with doing so, you can use hand gestures. However, don’t overdo it or you might end up looking fidgety.
» Pause at the right moments. Try not to race through your speech.

Helpful Hints;
* Especially for class presentations, bring a notecard or two if you’re allowed to. When preparing for your presentation, jot down little notes of what you’re planning to say. DO NOT WRITE EVERY SINGLE WORD ON YOUR NOTECARD. Just write prompts or a couple of words that would help you remember what to say in case you blank out.
Ex. if you were giving a speech on Egyptian Burial Rituals [ random topic, I know lol ], & one of the topics you were going to talk about was “Mummification,” you could jot down the following;
- also known as embalming
- body washed/ purified
- organs removed, hearts remained

* Other ways to enhance your presentation;
» Bring a visual aid(: If you have time to make one & if you are allowed to use it, create a visual aid such as a poster, powerpoint, or brochure. This shows that you put extra effort into your presentation ♥ & audience members who prefer visuals rather than pure audio/ speaking will become more interested.
» Add a couple of jokes or one-liners. Try to make sure they’re funny though. Or else, if the joke bombs, laugh/ play it off.
Ex. “What do you get if you cross a mummy with a CD? A wrap song!” -crickets- “No?” -toss an empty notecard you brought with you- “Well I guess these jokes won’t work either. Anyyyway..” -smile & continue with speech-
» Practice your speech/ presentation in front of your best friend ♥ , pet, mirror, etc.

Ending your speech..
» Finish up with a conclusion that summaries the main points of your presentation/ speech.
» Again, smile! Thank the audience for listening.

Okay well, that’s about all I have. I hope you enjoyed this tip & benefit from it as well(: Good luck!
♥ Sydney

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