Okay, so this is @beccabraahhh (:
Sorry I don't make tips that often. :p
My only excuse is that my new highschool piles us with work. (x


For shirts / tops:
-Vnecks never go out of style ! Fall colored vnecks are a must (:
-Long sleeved shirts ! White & grey are perfectttt.
-Denim button downs. (: A MUST.
-Striped button downs (:
-Baggy shirts / batsleeved shirts
-Cropped tops, with tank tops underneith.
-Jerseys. (:
-Lace patterned shirts, with tank tops underneith, of course :p
-Baggy ban tees. Like the ones they sell at f21 that say "The Beatles"
-College shirts. Also college sweatshirts.

bottoms / pants ;
-Skinnny jeans / jeggings ! (: Darkwash, mediumash, distressed, black, tan, brown, white, etc.
-Sweats ! During fall, I love wearing baggy sweats, rolled down.
-High wasted skirts (: I suggest colors like navy, brown, tan, etc.
-Patterned tights. Rose pattern, dotted pattern, diamond pattern, etc.

Outerwear ;
-Trenchcoaaaats. The tan ones SCREAM fall (:
-Knitted sweaters, the ones with the pattern going vertically ? (x
-Hoodies. 'Nuff said.
-Cardigans ! Cardigans are just so perfect for fall, cause you know how sometimes it's cold, but still warm ? Those are cardigan days.
-Letterman/varsity jackets. They are sooooo cute, I finally got an abercrombie one (:
-Blazers. Okay, so I'm not really a fan of these. But I think on some people, they are adorable. (: So if you feel you can pull it off, more power to ya ! (;

Shoes ; 
-Toms ! Brown, navy, & cream are the best for fall. Also red. And try the courderoy (sp ?) ones.
-Vans & converse ! I personally, love vans & converse with all my heart (:
-Uggs. I get fuggs, because uggs are so dang expensive. :p But a pair of black or tan uggs are a fall staple !
-Ankle boots. In grey, brown, or black.
-Flats (: Flats will always, always, always be in style !
-Oxfords are absolutely perfffff for fall (:
-MOCCASINS (: Ankle fringe & original !

Accessories ;
-SCARVES (: Whether it be patterned or solid, thick or lacey, they're perfect for fall.
-Pearls. Pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl rings. (;
-Knee socks. They're so adorable C:
-Belts: skinny, braided, & leather.

Prints ;
-Cheetah print

Typical Fall Colors ;
-Olive green
-Deep purple
-Orangee. But not, like, icky bright orange. Sunset orange (;

Okay that's all (:
Hopefully you enjoyed it !
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