2012 Hallowe'en Favorites

In honor of October, some of my all time favorite macabre,un-nerving,grotesque and disturbingly exquisite sets from our fellow Polyvorians !
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Wrote one year ago
@rawrat : YaY ! May this be the start of some new Polyvorian creative 'romances' ((: I look forward to enjoying more of your creativity (:

Wrote one year ago
@cfaurot : I am so glad I discovered you and I'm glad I've been able to return the blessing- enjoy your newly discovered Poly' muses (:

Wrote one year ago
I am honored you included my set! This is a favorite collection of mine, I love all of the sets, many I had never seen before. I've also managed to follow a few more people I can't believe I wasn't already following! Thank you!

Wrote one year ago
I'm honored that you mingled my piece amongst these really good pieces, many of which I hadn't before seen and took the opportunity to "like" them. Thank you.

Wrote one year ago
@iamnataliesarah Good set <3


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