Officially,Welcome 2013 

I've a good time ever this year I'm very happy with the gang ,and my sibling.

2013...and my prince will come right?
Wanna tell this,I stole Idea from Steph LOL but i published it first..

2012,sth new happened to my gang half of them start relation have BF-GF as well.
and giggle myself all the time when i 've seen them being lovebird,they're very cute.
believe me they good looking match also.

Question from mom,is the year you'll start serious relation with someone? can you?

after rolling eyes over 100 times not even tell her yet.
the same question for Steph [i write it first LOL]

Then,I've a very high expecting for myself 
someone that handsome,very tall over 178 cm. at this hight i can wear heels and not higher than him.
someone has a manner ,talk less more than me.
someone love my family this what an idealistic.
someone that can cook ,i can't cook enough said
someone that can sing,i no need singer guy just can sing~
someone love cats 
someone not idiot to get confused about New York is a capital city of America
why, coz many guys around me thoughts NYC is that right,this point i means stupi* than me

This might be important for me someone can play sport at least know how to pitching balls,catching balls or shoot basket ball with me 
no joke idw someone to force to do i ever found that jer* and i can't ,as a sport player will be great to have someone stand by my side.

someone can be fun and look adorable as the same time.
someone that can stand for my temper and not play for my 2 cent [sometime i'm jerk too]
i need more but will be too much right now.

Last few year ago the reality is opposite than i was expecting for..
but lately,I gotta go to find that ideal 
not accept i found it since last year well,stand still.. the problem is i love myself more than to share my love to someone else BUT
I'll marry Mr. Kim soon since Mr.Kim is 60% of Korean population haha<33

Mom,me&steph will taking longer time to take a look "someone" more 
She might be reply to me,be good if you stay single... like always she did.


@stephaniee90 @color-me-red @giko-is-giantsister officially,greeting you,can you claim this set plssss!!!!!
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Wrote three years ago
Awesome set..congrats on your win!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
very nice!

Wrote 4 years ago
I love it!



Forbidden Rose (fashion group)

Forbidden Rose (fashion group)

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Asian inspired and melody

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** Edit Group Info[12.09.21]** This group I create Contest for all topic with No Template unless Template contest.
My personal want to see/give the winning to set without Template,creative for each set with different of story and element to used.
*No template unless Template contest
*Seasoning contest no precious set since 1 year ago or older than 1 year.
*Do not submit your set that ever won 1-3 places from this group again for another topic,one set/1 time to win.
*We've contest with Title"Always we have a good time"allowed only set that older than 7 months,or starting since 8 months ago.
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*Seasoning contest no precious set since 1 year ago or older than 1 year.
*Do not submit your set that ever won 1-3 trophies from this group again for another topic,one set/1 time to win.
*We've contest with Title"Old memory,A good time"allwoed only set that older than 7 months,or starting since 8 months ago.
*This group not a promote item contest,so that it's non-profit.
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Black and white Trend

Black and white Trend

937 sets from 192 members. Ended three years ago.
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