2013 - 2014 School Year Goals | Senior Year

Wow, I'm a senior & that's strange and scary. I'll be living on a completely different coast (and possibly continent) in 2014. Here's how I plan to make the most of my last year living in Seattle.
Cheers to the last year ♡
Last year's collection - {http://polyv.re/18S3yaE}
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Wrote 8 months ago
so cute. You've inspired me to start planning an awesome year :)

Wrote one year ago
this is so cool! It's so crazy we'll be in college in a year!

Wrote one year ago
Woah, I'm in my senior year too and currently freaking out about college and all that stuff! Can I just say this collection is amazing, I'm seriously going to try some of this especially the no procrastination. I say it all the time but never happens.

Wrote one year ago
@koala-tea Yes PM me that sounds amazing - I'd love to do that :)
@splendifurous Thank you! I'd love to see your collection :)
@mayapapay-a Please make one I'd love to see your goals ♡ Thank you!

Wrote one year ago
Do you mind if I make a collection with my school year goals? I think this is a fantastic idea!(:♥

Wrote one year ago
This is such a good idea! :)

Wrote one year ago
it's my senior year too omg can we like pm a lot so we can get through it together?? please?!