aries: you will start a difficult and lonely journey this year, but you will grow from the experiences you have along the way. remain close with your circle, it will be crucial to your happiness this year. that being said, don’t be afraid to cut off toxic relationships and find others to befriend. new beginnings often bring new relationships into the picture, so keep an eye out for it. 

taurus: this year is yours. the one you’ve been waiting for all this time. the one where you finally make your dreams into a reality. you’ve been cautious and anxiously waiting for your work to pay off, for that perfect time to talk to that special person in your life, for your life to begin. the effort will be worth the reward, but only if you’re willing to take risks for your desires. it’s time to stop wasting time testing the waters. just dive in, it’ll be okay, i promise. 

gemini: i know commitment and emotions can be issues for you, but someone close needs to know that you care about them. let them know you think the world of them, and they’ll give the universe back to you. try to work on it this year. the people close to you will thank you for it.

cancer: you work so hard and let people walk all over you and take you for granted. you think it’s being giving of yourself, but that’s called being taken advantage of. i know you think that’s how everyone is, but there is someone special out there appreciates your compassionate heart and will recognize that you’re amazing. give them a chance, and you both could be something great. 

leo: darling, you’ve finally realized your greatness. everyone around you knows of it, so why did it take so long for you to see it in yourself? you say you downplay yourself and your gifts in the name of humility and modesty, but you’re not even acknowledging your successes because you spend time beating yourself up over the mistakes you make. be proud of who you are because your loved ones are blessed to know you, they’re on your side. be on your own side for once, love yourself. 

virgo: you hide yourself from the world because you’re afraid of how they think of you, but you’re more appreciated and loved than you know. you just focus on the wrong people. stop relying on emotionally flakey people for your self-esteem, and surround yourself with people that are trustworthy, honest and loving towards you. you will find someone like this soon, just look harder. 

libra: i know you love having tons of friends, and you’re attracted to different kinds of people, but don’t rely on others to figure out your identity. i’m not saying you need to stop being social and hanging out with people, but a bit of alone time will be good for you. find out who you are on your own first, then go find your friends and special someone that accept and love you for who you are, not because you’re just like them. 

scorpio: changes are coming whether you like it or not. i know it’s not easy for you, it never has been, but you need to accept it. change isn’t always a bad thing, you know. yes, it comes with its challenges, but you will be happier because of it. this includes people in your life, so try to let outsiders in and give them a chance to stay and possibly become your whole world, okay? 

sagittarius: you take yourself too seriously sometimes, you need to learn how to laugh at yourself. i know you think you’re above others and refuse to lighten up because of it, but childishness is a blessing. it allows you to act like a kid again and stay young at heart, as well as enjoy life more and destress. make sure you laugh as much as possible with that one special person, i can assure you that you won’t regret the time spent with them making that memory. 

capricorn: great things appear to be in store for you this year, capricorn. you have a lot of things going on that will keep you busy, especially at work, but don’t let your work take over your life. your loved ones are begging you to take a break from that and to relax, but they really want you to spend time with them. you don’t do it enough, honestly. balance work and your personal life this year, and you will find peace at home. 

aquarius: you bottle your emotions up so much that you pretend you don’t have any. it’s okay to breathe, it’s not good to hold things in for so long. let it out, compose yourself, and pull yourself together. your loved ones will be glad that you opened up because they worry about you a lot. i know you don’t feel like you need help and you don’t want to admit it, but let them in, you’ll feel way better when you do. 

pisces: life moves on, so do people. not everyone is meant to stay and not everyone is worth saving. it’s time to move on for your sake, you shouldn’t waste your life trying to help fix people who don’t want to be saved. take a break and remember to care for yourself, after all, you deserve to get the care you give to others.

Stay gold,(・ω・)ノ

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