- 2017 resolutions -

my new years resolutions for 2017 :)
feel free to look through even though this is more for personal reference haha
happy new year, everyone!
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    "- throw one item away every week -
    [i have too much clutter so my goal is to discard one useless item a week. depending on the item's condition i will either throw out or donate]" — @same-sunset
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  • study align
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    "- journaling -
    [i want to start journaling, whether it be a bullet journal or otherwise. just get those creative juices flowing for a few minutes each day]" — @same-sunset
    hi, i'm adaline--a 17 y/o student obsessed with bullet journals, pretty notes, and productivity! i track #studyalign
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    "- reorganize my room -
    [FOR REAL! no more moving the clutter around]" — @same-sunset
    il est mon constante occasionnelle
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    "- keep up with poly -
    [this has been my most active year on polyvore since my first. i've enjoyed it so much and want to continue creating here]" — @same-sunset
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    "- a great summer -
    [my friends and i will all be together again since so many went to colleges far away. make the most of our time together]" — @same-sunset
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    "- hang with my family -
    [specifically my nephews (:]" — @same-sunset
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    "- take more pics -
    [i've forgotten about one of my favorite hobbies towards the end of 2016. pick it back up in the new year]" — @same-sunset
    Just another sad, lonely girl with a blog, posting whatever the fuck she wants
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    "- eat healthier -
    [classic new years resolution. but enough with the junk food. eat some fruits and vegetables and drink more water]" — @same-sunset
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    "- read more -
    [i only finished two books this entire year. TWO. get back into reading, its so enjoyable and relaxing]" — @same-sunset
    ash, fourteen, & she/her pronouns
  • Be yourself.
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    "- 4.0 -
    [get another 4.0 next semester]" — @same-sunset
  • bone palace ballet
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    "- license -
    [stop loafing around and get your license]" — @same-sunset
    you're still the one pool where i'd happily drown
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    "- summer job -
    [get a job this summer!!]" — @same-sunset


Wrote 17 days ago
ahhh okay thanks so much sam! you're always so helpful in answering all my questions lol XD
also omg i read all your resolutions and ahhh they sound so awesome! i'm totally inspired to do a little collection like this now :D i totally feel ya on the organizing your room / getting your license parts haha. i always put them off XD and i need to read more too haha. but again i love this collection so much!

Wrote 17 days ago
@etoilesdanse thank you marisa!! and next to the heart/number of likes there's a little i, if you click that it should appear :)

Wrote 17 days ago
aghhhh sam this is such a gorgeous collection omg 💖 i have a question though like you know how you can write descriptions for the items / sets in collections? how do you view said descriptions lol i still can't figure it out xD

Wrote 17 days ago
nine ✧ na na na
@bishop9799, @heartbreakmotel, @love2becreative, @xo-zafia-xo, @slightlyterrified, @shoppingsuperhero, @never-gxnna-change, @lizzybel-18, @firesidewanderingmelody, @flowersgalore, @watsonsheep, @lydia-michelsion, @fashion1oh1, @color-me-indie, @mingyv, @violetrosesrt, @beautyinallthings, @nsrogsy3, @alove1812, @regettacanoe, @sara-mujezinovic, @longboarder21, @queenslays, @m-e-r-i-m-a, @love-n-laughter, @sammywinchester05, @dieanotherday, @silent-sorrow, @hershyeststylist, @cupcakecouturegirls, @ememseay, @novascotias4ever

Wrote 17 days ago
eight ✧ make some noise
@sugarplumfairy98, @aesthetic-moonxdust, @itsmy123, @kwiatekmarek, @queen-of-darkness-1, @miaboo23, @bethanydarlison, @ms-prettymama, @gothgirl87454, @flaw-in-my-code, @theater-potter-dance-warriors, @jerana97, @bunnylovexox, @silvijo, @fxrever-isnt-for-everyone, @amiraahmetovic, @dchatzin, @southernreef, @jameilab, @secretgirl13, @pergaminelli, @miha-jez, @nerdy-musicical-me, @fasttrack2fashion, @mrsfoxy, @xxpinkfashionistax, @nsrogsy3

Wrote 17 days ago
seven ✧ killjoys
@cupcake-13sugar, @sexyirishman, @gabriella-houck, @petcheetah3, @agirlthatfellinlovewithnumberten, @taeangel, @mcgoddess2, @frostedfingertips, @alexis-dira, @butterfly-flutter, @teenagedenigma, @unknownbtsfan, @iz-so-kray-kray, @ebramos, @gymnastics-ariana, @talyorsmtith, @ohgirlyouhot, @just-a-reject-x, @cacaubsampaio, @stars-mxde-of-kryptonite, @igedesubawa, @ashleydawn2, @shea-erin, @my-heart-is-art, @teardropss, @lokislittlekitten, @randomn3ss

Wrote 17 days ago
six ✧ its time to do it now and do it loud
@alice-287, @elizaferguson, @officialrt, @mxr-v, @cleobluesky, @changethis, @jxst-like-galaxy, @abbie0987, @teto000, @viverepersorridere, @begicdamir, @nina-k-307, @lenadecor, @stavrosdragatakis, @sofiacalo, @gilliewill, @elenialex, @fashion-anime-animals-reading, @maknemaddie, @one-of-those-nights, @nemophxlist, @rayofdarkness, @brightlandia, @underlyingsimplicity, @elliegaminng-884, @feels-like-this-could-be-forever

Wrote 17 days ago
five ✧ the aftermath is secondary
@shaimae, @sanya-marc, @ermina-camdzic, @brownish, @carrotsandlemons, @red-foxess-and-wolf, @pups27, @stxrry-skies, @zl-daydreaming, @sneky, @fatmafatma123, @weirdestgirlever, @carolinalaguera, @i-get-lost-sometimes, @ayycheyla, @orchid-fire, @hannahbrown-I, @dana-debanks, @fashionpassiongirlx, @kappucino, @baileys-creations, @crystalyze, @jelena-880, @panda10-9-15, @xxharrietxx, @oksana-kolesnyk

Wrote 17 days ago
four ✧ the future is bullet-proof
@soliszayra, @stevtasha-romanodgers, @simona-altobelli, @alwaysapotter-head, @janjanzira-1, @smajicelma, @mada-malureanu, @sadeta-v, @polysetter-862, @mahafromkailash, @yuichiros, @mayparkjp, @dorinela-hamamci, @fangirl-fashionista-4ever, @daydreaminginthedark, @bangtan-life, @eliza-redkina, @adelisa56, @blue-sushi, @candyholladay, @ohbabyimrachel, @joanaamarinho, @ellenfischerbeauty, @karllydolly, @misswinters, @chanelchinadoll

Wrote 17 days ago
three ✧ listen up
@tasnime-ben, @birdy3000, @blacksky000, @schogetter, @merima-p, @basketballislife11, @eillen, @midnightm3mories, @christiana40, @alinnas, @novalikarida, @theycallmebeatriz, @zehrica-kukic, @frozendecembermoon, @itsybitsy62, @thoughtandfashion, @pokadoll, @lady-redrise, @emmas-fashion-diary, @agirlintheworld, @amelaa-16, @gigi-lucid, @alldew, @cmarnoldrr, @lacas, @ilovecats-886, @ilovemypup-1

Wrote 17 days ago
two ✧ all you crash queens and motor babies
@propinquitys – macey! you are really one of my fav accounts of here :) your set style is amazing and different from everyone else’s, which i love! also, you’re such a talented artist <3
@queenrowan – hey courtney! i love your sets so much! the layouts are always unique and you include so many different and cool fandoms :) you’re seriously one of my favorite accounts <3
@trenchinq – qianyi! your sets are lovely, you always have awesome color schemes :) and you like gerard too, so that makes you super cool <3
@briar989 – i’m always so excited to see your next set, especially your harry potter and star wars ones :)
@elderflowers – izzy, i love your sets so much! your color schemes are always so on point :) your profile just looks so pretty all the time <3
@symone-i – symone, your simple and cropped sets are my fav! they’re so lovely :D
@absurd-ambitions – kaela, i wish i had your magazine set skills! they are always perfect and so well put together :) i love your account so much!
@iced-lemons – pem, your sets are so lovely and unique!! and you always use such cool songs for the titles :)
@helloplantpal – the outfits you put together are always so cute and i love the style of your sets so much <3
@sadtrashqueen – ainsley, your art sets are some of my favs on poly :) also, your louis icon is beautiful <3
@txdal-waves – your sets are amazing!! and i also really love your tips :)
@a-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c – annelise, i love your account! your sets are incredible and i like how creative you are, especially with your simple sets :)
@moon-sun-of-usa – i absolutely adore your sets! the layouts and color schemes are awesome <3
@cosmic-qveen – your art sets and icons are amazing, katie!!
@vibrant-illusions – i really love your new account, just the whole feel of it so far :) and your bio is so awesome omg
@c-astaway – katelyn, your bio is so cool! and i love your sets, as well! |-/
@vanilla-chai-tea – elizabeth, your sets are beautiful! you use such lovely pics and colors <3
@ironkyle you are so sweet and always leave such nice comments on my sets, which really means a lot to me <3 also, your sets are really creative and cool!
@leslieelisabeth hey leslie! your sets are awesome, i love all the fillers! you seem really sweet and that quote in your bio is hilarious haha :)
@kristinberchak your sets are so cute, you create such cool outfits :) also, its really sweet how you make sets for people so often!
@culleen9300 your sets are totally cool and unique! also, your icon is everything – gerard aw :’)

Wrote 17 days ago
one ✧ this one’s for all you rock‘n’rollers
@frannythewallflower – fran! <3 you were my first poly friend way back about three and half years ago probably, which is crazy! we’ve had so many great conversations about everything from one direction (of course!) to movies, books, and life in general :) thanks for always being there and for listening to me ramble and rant about things. you are such a kind soul and i’m really happy to be able to call you a friend. love you, fran <3
@etoilesdanse – marisa, first off i absolutely adore your sets which you probably already know considering i comment on all of them haha but i just have to! they’re perfect <3 i’ve loved your account for years but we’ve become closer this year and i’m so happy we did! i love how much we have in common – our love for zayn, marvel, star wars, and so many other things! you are so sweet and i’m really glad we’re friends, love you <3
@feels-like-snow-in-september – jemma!! your account is such an inspiration, which i’m sure you’ve heard a million times haha but your sets are always perfect! and you are so lovely to everyone <3 also i appreciate your love for conor maynard and andrew garfield because same :) thanks for always being awesome, love ya girlie!
@polystar10 – sara! we’ve met recently and i’m glad we did because you’re so cool :) your magazine sets are goals, you include the coolest pictures and place everything in such a unique way! also, i love the list of husbands you have in your bio <3
@thundxrstorms – tesla!! give me your skills please, your sets are perfect and you are such a sweet person :) also i love the quote in your bio. i know that seems random but i always meant to tell you that haha
@forebodinq – sabrina, your fandom sets are the coolest! i’m always so excited to see what you’re going to publish next :) and you’re such a kind person too! thanks for leaving sweet comments and being so cool <3
@its-ester – hey ester! your sets are too cool, i seriously love them! you are such a nice girl and i really enjoy talking to you :) also, you have awesome music taste!
@liz1478 – gabi, i love your sets so, so much – they have that sort of old poly vibe and miss that! and i remember you used to make awesome one direction sets all the time aw those were the days :) thanks for being so sweet!
@wewillfindawaythroughthedark – aw ‘through the dark’ is one of my favorite one direction songs and so i always get really happy when i see your username :) your sets are so cute and always have their own touch, which i love!
@captainamericafan – natasha, first of all i love your username! second, your sets are awesome omg i love them! they are so creative and different :)
@exco – ruppy, your account is awesome! you manage to make every set unique and well organized, i love them! :)
@lucidmoon – emma, you are such a sweet person! you always leave such nice comments on my sets, i appreciate it so much! your sets are beautiful, i especially love your magazine ones <3 keep being awesome :)
@untake-n – leire, your sets are incredible! i always love the outfits you put together. also, you are such a kind girl :) thanks for all the lovely comments! <3
@grateful-angel – your sets are really pretty and you always try new things, which is totally cool! :D
@nothing-like-outerspace – amy! we began talking recently because of your giveaway and you are such a cool person! we have loads in common and you made me the best playlist and icon ever omg i love them both so much! pm sometime again soon :)
@thenewgirl3 – hanna, your simple sets are beautiful! i love the clothing you choose, they always make such cute outfits :) and we both like star wars so we should pm sometime because i’m always up for talking about that haha :)
@flying-baby-unicorn – hey rhezy! you seem like such a sweet person and you make beautiful sets as well :) your new account is awesome so far and i can’t wait to see what else you create <3


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