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Ryder had left Arizona asleep on the couch at her house the night before, slipping out the door and into the dark starry night. He hadn't slept well, and now he lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. He was conflicted. Ryder thought back to a few weeks ago, when he had been hangin out with a handful of friends. He had been joking about how Arizona had a crush on him, and one of his friends offered up a bet. 
'Could you get her to really like you?' the guy had asked. 'Bet you can't,' they teased. Ryder knew he could do it, so he had consented, laughing. He hadn't anticipated the turn of events. He wasn't developing feelings for Arizona. He refused to. Besides, he was almost there. The kiss, the beach, the hand holding. Soon he would be done and could move on with his life. 
Yawning, Ryder turned onto his side and tried to go back to sleep.
Arizona hated to admit that she had expected Ryder to be there, next to her when she had woken up in the morning. 
She sat up and stretched, her body stiff from sleeping curled up on the couch all night. She thought about the day before and winced. Sure it was fun, but what had she been thinking? Ryder was.. Arizona blushed, even though there was no one downstairs. What was Ryder? One moment he was a smirking bad boy, the next he was holding her hand and cuddling on the couch. 
And leaving, she reminded herself. You can't let your guard down around him. Arizona sighed, pushing herself to standing, and headed to the kitchen to make a cup of tea before her mother got up. She passed the plastic shopping bag of snacks and dropped in the trash as she walked by.
Over the next week, neither of them spoke to each other. Arizona was trying not to let Ryder in, and Ryder was trying to get her out of his mind. 
Arizona would see Ryder in the halls and look away. They were part of entirely different social standings anyways. Arizona was by no means social and popular, while Ryder was. He always had some whoreish girl by his side, and Arizona was irritated to find herself mind this time. He's just a boy, she told herself. No different from any other. They met to work in the project, stilted silences maximizing both productivity and awkwardness. More than ever, Arizona wished the paper would end. Finally, it did. They have their presentation, turned in the paper, and breathed a collective sigh of relief. Arizona knew she never had to see Ryder again, and she felt the smallest twinge of disappointment at that. It's all over now, she thought. No boy drama. Just back to normal.
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