so lets see how this goes...
haha the random project they're working on so well thought out lol and ooh let's see amanda's going to try to make ryder go to a party oooh let's see how that works out my guess is poorly oh well
he was avoiding her. it had been a week, and he hadn't talked to her once, except during class to work on their project. not that she had been expecting it, Arizona tried to tell herself. she was laying on her bed trying to do math homework, trying and failing. sighing, she stood and walked out.
Ryder pushed open the front door, quickly spotting one of his friends. He made his way through the people, grabbing a bottle of something (he wasnt sure what, and to be honest he didn't care) along the way. Halfway there, however, a girl staggered in front of him. "hiii, Ryder," she said. Ryder groaned inwardly. Midnight and already the chick was wasted. He took a slug from the bottle. 

DAMN IT TO HELL I HAVE TO GO AND I CANT LEAVE THIS OPEN BECUASE I DONT WWANT MY FAMILLY TO SEE IT im sorry i'll try to finish i'll just tag you when i finish


oh and hey @celine-roux-laurent did you want to be tagged on this because you said something indicating you did but idk
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