01. tell an entire story in the form of a metaphor. You set the guidelines.

02. pictures. pictures. everywhere. so many pictures . . . 

03. write a story set in a place you've never written about before. London, Norway, Mongolia, South Dakota, Samoa, Dublin, Boston, a little fishing town in Alaska

04. write a story about a map

05. write a trilogy of poems. any topic, any length, any style.

06. write a short story in the form of a freeverse poem

07. tell a whole story in a single sentence, either a long sentence or a short one (think Hemingway's "baby shoes for sale: never used.")

08. write a story based off of a set of song lyrics. Some suggestions: "Fix You" by Coldplay, "Teardrops on my Guitar" by Taylor Swift, "We Cry" by the Script, "Runaway" by Mat Kearney. Whatever songs speak to you, tell you a story, make you want to tell it back.

09. there are so many bottles hanging from the tree . . . 

10. write a story about the ocean

11. how is life an art?

12. tell a story in the form of a 20-item list

13. Elena is lost. Broken. Everything's wrong. She doesn't want to go on anymore. The world is dark, and the sun won't shine. She wants to die. What makes her change her mind?

14. if wishes came true . . . 

15. your character has fallen in love with a boy who's dying

16. tell the story of an inanimate object - a park bench, a tree outside a Quaker meeting house, the oak in the graveyard, a broken record, someone's journal or pen. what does this object notice that we don't? what does it see? how does it look at the world? what matters to it? does it feel things? want things? does it have dreams? does it care about the dreams of others?

17. your character is a captive. not necessarily chained - maybe she's a captive in a dungeon, or maybe she's a captive in her own mind, or her own world. or maybe it isn't your character, it's someone your character is watching, who he or she trapped. or who he or she wants to let out, but can't.

18. write a story about the color blue.

19. write a story told entirely in two-word sentences, either proper sentences or not. no exceptions.

20. write a story based on the following list:
- dandelions
- seaglass
- memories
- journals
- canoe
- borrowed heart
- raindrops

Rosie <3

ps - I'd love to hear if you use any of these prompts, and what you come up with! please comment below, and feel free to include links to your writing. xx

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