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Hey girlies, this tip has been LONG overdue. I'm really sorry 'bout that, but here it is! I'm going to tell you guys some things about myself because you should do that so you can get to know me better.

01 ; You already may know me from the tip account the-amazing-tip-chickas

02 ; I'm very excited of being on this account.

03 ; Here are the basics about me. I'm 14. My birthday is on August 8th, and my name is obviously Candice.

04 ; I'm very sarcastic, but I won't be on my tips (I'm going to be very serious) and a lot of people think I'm funny even when I don't think I am.

05 ; I listen to different kind of music than what most people listen to. Here are 5 bands I listen to
+Of Mice and Men
+We Came As Romans
+Breathe Carolina
+Make Me Famous

 06 ; I've been bullied ever since I was little, aka 6 years old.

07 ; People make fun of me because I'm different from my music taste and interests I have. 

08 ; I want to get piercings and tattoos. 

09 ; I can play the guitar

10 ; Ever since I was able to talk, I've always loved to sing. Some say I'm talented, but I'm not sure if I want music as a career due to my stage fright.

11 ; I love pot pies.

12 ; I've had an obsession over collared shirts, necklace layers, multiple rings, and sweaters.

13 ; i love tipping.

14 ; I shop at Hot Topic, Forever 21, and Target a whole bunch

15 ; I've been through a whole lot for the past 8 years.

16 ; I question of where I'm going in life.

17 ; I don't like/ trust a lot of people because of my issues in the past.

18 ; I listen to hard-core, metal, and pop-punk a lot

19 ; I've been having an obsession over Denis Shaforostov.

20 ; I live for music.
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