hey girlies, it's jasmine here is my 20 ways to annoy someone!

1.sing along to a song you do not know
2. call them a geytteo turtle all the time
3. instead of saying bull crap say bull kitten
4. always talk about polyvore
5.tell them they have one toe missing
6.keep staring at them and when they ask what say your hair looks like you soaked it on pee
7.learn some chinese and call them names in it
8.when you laugh fall in to everything around you
9.tell them "i think you are going to get raped by elmo"
10.touch there hair
11.dance off beat to music no one knows
12.make a patation that says"get reed of all gyetto turtles and have a pic of them"
13.tell them they look like someone they have nothing in common with
15.if it is a boy say" you have the body mass of a 9 year old girl"
16."i just saw in to the future you will become a awesome trash man!
17." i love your smile it just has this yellow glow"
18. ask them to prove EVERYTHING they say
ex. "my name is bob" "prove it"
19.try to bring 15 things into the dressing room
20.bring a portable cd player to a concert and say" it has better quality" 

ladies that is my 20 ways of annoying people!
what is yours?

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