A little update.

Today was the last day of my internship. Was sad to leave such a beautiful store and the wonderful people there, but I'm also very very relieved to have some extra time this semester - which means I get to do more stuff with http://ruibri.com + make more sets. 
I'm missing greenery very much. It's been ~5months that I've been living in NYC and I'm dying for trees, and grass (like, more than the front yard that is Central Park), and clear air, and like, mulch too. Which reminds me, a lovely girl at work gifted me a candle that I'm burning right now, and it reminds me of being back home in the yard with the flowers after a summer shower. ((((((:

So I'm going to be working more on the site and hopefully have something up within a couple weeks. I think the next post will also be a bit of a peak at my apartment too. 

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