January 26, 2013.


OK so yesterday at lunch me and my friends had a funeral for my whale. His name was Patrick Whalley. And he was amazing. and made of tinfoil. And he lived for one day. Because two of my friends killed him. And threw him away in the garbage. And then I was sad. But the funeral was really amazing...ahaha. I took a goldfish which represented Patrick and then crushed it and then sprinkled his "ashes" in a small jewelry box. And then we threw it away....in the same garbage Patrick was thrown away in. But then I forgave my two friends for killing Patrick and laughing at the funeral because they wrote me a very nice apology letter. GAH I'M SO WEIRD. But this actually happened. hahaa. 

Anyways. Guess what?! I got a 43/45 on my speech and I was sooo happy :D And I only got marked off for my visual aid but whatever. I'm still really happy with my grade :) SO a special thanks to all of you who gave me tips and helped me!! It really did help and it means a lot to me.

OH and last week when I went to my friends house all we did was talk to strangers online. Which is bad and dangerous I know. But don't worry we pretended to be a 17 year old girl named Nicki Chamberlain from California. And we even created a twitter for her...haha. And tumblr. Gah I have no life. But her twitter is @ChamberlainXx. 
and her tumblr is: http://chamberlainxx.tumblr.com/
SO yeahh.....if you guys would like to follow us so that we can seem less fake that would be wonderful and I will love you even more!! You don't have to though. 

OK well you guys probably think that I'm such a freak now but thats ok. I hope you all are having a super fabulous weekend. 
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