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Woah! I haven't made a set for ages but I kinda like this one! But this isn't my exact desk. I own most things though! Ok let me explain ...

My wall is REALLY similiar to that colour! I really want a corkboard so I put that on there. The girls on there can be a picture of Jess and Sheree. Lol. My BFFL's. =] 
The Dalmatian is like my one but I have to say I love my Bella more. Ahahah. The pictures of Taylor Lautner and Twilight are pretty obvious why they're there. Lol. xD

I don't have a blue ipod like that but that's the one I want for my 13th! And "No Air" is my favourite song. 

The Harry Potter books and the apple signify the best series of books I ahve ever read. Amazing books and whoever hasn't read them should go and do that asap

I don't have a laptop like that but I have a Toshiba Tablet PC. It's pretty rocking. The Polyvore on there is coz I love Polyvore. Ahaha. That set on there is by Roxanne87. The link to that set is here ... 
I love that set and Roxanne87 make's AMAZING works of art!

I have that phone and the pink camera on there and I like them lots. Hahaha. The ice-cream/ drink thing says I like sweet things! Mmmm... I so want that right now! Lol. I always need to write things down so sticky notes come in handy! =D

The window! I love that view! Sadly, the view from my upstairs bedroom isn't so impressive but oh well. All I can see is a vacant block. Ahaha. Well, I love waterfalls. They're beautiful! 

Btw, thanks for 11200 faves! My Patrick Star Set .... 
Almost has 700 faves!! I'm blown away!! Thanks guys!

Oh and my inspiration for this set comes from this one ....
It's very gorgeous and I love it so much!

Well, that's about it!! Hehe. =D
And it's also 20/50 for the 50 theme art challenge. :)

I love you Taylor Lautner ♥
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