hey girlies! i haven't done a tip in forever i'm sooo sorry but now it's f a l l and i'm ready to rumba with some sweet tips coming your way. my apologies to @believe-wish-dream and our other beautiful tippies.

all right-ay! so i have this amazing new tip for you! it's called the 21 day flush. personally i think that the months august-october are the best months to lose weight because there aren't really many holidays or seasonal foods until halloween, so you aren't tempted as much as you are in summer or around christmastime. so this is how the flush works. basically its a diet that eliminates, or "flushes" out a bunch of foods that are bad for you. It lasts 21 days, 3 weeks, and it's pretty simple. by the end you should you lose between 6-12 lbs. 

1) here's a list of foods&drinks you can't have during the flush: fast food, milkshakes, soda, pizza, cookies, ice cream, pastries, donuts, crackers, chips, biscuits, peanut butter, nutella, coffee, candy, popcorn and brand smoothies (jamba juice, starbucks, peets).

2) it seems hard and it kind of is, but dont worry! remind yourself that it's only three weeks! i'm doing it right now and i taped little posters and pictures to remind me of what i'm doing it all for
3)i am a cheater :D I always make two-three exceptions to the banned food list. there's some things on there i just can't live without. so i made exceptions for pizza and peanut butter. so you can make exceptions too because cutting out a bunch of foods and only eating like two junkie things is still really good!
4)listen to happy music to motivate you while you make your lunch! 
5)only have 1 snack and make sure its healthy and not on the ban list!
6)remember you're doing it for your body! :)

thanks! hope this helped and remember all you lovelies are beautiful :D 

♥ @georgipotterxoxo

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