James Hunt Show

"Della! Are you ready?" I called from my bedroom. I walked over to hers and saw that she was putting her jewelry on in the bathroom. I groaned and rushed over. "Jeez, how long do you take?"

"I can take longer." She chuckled, but I just rolled my eyes. I helped her put on her earrings, and off we went.

The venue? Huge. I was surprised. Apparently, from what I've been told, he only plays tiny gigs. But this one was huge. His first big one.

Ryan called me earlier, and he said he was unsure yet if he was going or not. I just shrugged it off. We weren't official or anything, or dating at all. We haven't even been on a real date yet. He's not locked in my chains or on my leash... at least not yet.

I found Melody while Della hung around, seeing other people. "Hey Mel!" I said with a grin, giving her a hug. "This is your dude, yeah?"

She just smiled. "Yeah! I've to go, meet him in the back. Have fun, k?"

I smiled. She was so happy. "You too! Tell him good luck. I'm sure he'll be great." I said and she walked off with a smile to go meet Mr. Hunt.

I walked around, heading to sit on a barstool when someone tapped my shoulder. I spun the chair around only to see Ryan's face just a few inches away from mine. I was startled, but I caught a grip fast. "Oh, honey, no. Personal space." I said, backing my face up. Really, though, I think I blushed, but I also think I did a good job of keeping it away from view.

Ryan just chuckled. "Guess I made it."

I looked behind him, where his Housen friends walked off. "Guess your pets did too."

He just rolled his eyes. "They're friends. We like to hang. My personal entourage, huh?" He grinned.

I sighed. "Yeah, whatever."

"Anyways." He went to sit on the barstool next to me and we both watched as James prepared on the stage. "I think the movie's coming along great."

I nodded in agreement. "It's fine."

"I can't wait for the next scene." I heard him mumble with great amusement.

I just looked at him with a sort of death glare. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

He just shrugged, still smiling. "We'll see tomorrow. I heard it was good, that's all." He said, trying to obviously hide a laugh.

I slapped his arm playfully and he just laughed. "Ooh, so strong."

I just rolled my eyes. "You know, you're never gonna get a girl this way." I smirked, and then James went on the mic and started to introduce himself.
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