I was tagged by my polyfriend @horsegurl in her beautiful set:

Name/pseudonym: Cornelia Call 
Country: United States
Star sign: Libra
~ faves ~ 
Colour: Yellow
Animal: Pug
Food: York peppermint patty 
Book: This is hard. Um, I love all of the Harry Potter books.
Electronic/gadget: Ipod
Movie: Grease.
Actor: Joel Courtney! 
Actress: Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld, Audrey Hepburn.
Author: J.K Rowling and Agatha Cristie
Song: (currently) Blue Skies by Noah & the Whale
Band: The Beatles, Noah & the Whales
Music artist: Lily Allen
TV show: Gilmore girls, the office, SNL.....
Shop: Heritage, H&M.
Celeb: Me. 
~ random ~
Something that makes you, you: Books.
Your dream: To be an actress.
Hobbies: reading, volunteering, being with friends. 

I tag: @deercat @silverstag @gypsies-and-dreamers

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