So happy new years everyone!
New Year.
Fresh Start.
Lets try becoming better people.
At least, that's what i'm doing.
Get closer to god.
Bring out the inner me. Not what people want to see. 
New Years Resolutions anyone?
OMG. Just watched Les Miserables. AHMAZING. Cried like a baby. Worth watching. It was just so touching. I want to watch the Hobbit. So many people told me that it's a good movie. So I want to badly watch it lol. But you should also see Les Miserables. VERy EXTREMELy GOOd! ;D
On instagram, i have a "girly" account or whatever everyone calls it. Please follow me. I have nice photos. lol. "@justanother_girly_dreamer" that's my fan account on insta!
hope you like my settie! made it in like 15 minutes, so it isn't very nice, but i tried to put a nice outfit together. i actually like the outfit though.
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