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March 1, 2013.

Hi march, it's me, Ruth. Please be good to me :D

Ok hii guys. I'm soo glad it's Friday because now I can be on Polyvore for the rest of the night and not do my homework until tomorrow!! YAY :) ok well this week was kinda eehh I had some bad days but good. ish. not really. but anyways. My friends and I decided that we're writing our own soap opera. It's just about our not really dramatic lives. And it's beautiful ok. Ok well I'm going to catch up on sets now. Ok byee!! Happy Weekend!!

Oh and I'm a social caterpillar. Which means I'm not social at all. But maybe one day I will be. But I think that I'm actually a social dead caterpillar. Which means I'll never be a social butterfly. Also I HATE CHEMISTRY BECAUSE I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW TO BALANCE EQUATIONS. And I think I failed the math test I took today. I hope not. Because then I'll have B in math and it will make me feel unaccomplished.
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