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Clarissa Peterson; The Strip

Clarissa Ava Peterson
☆ Somebody tell me why I’m on my own, if there’s a soulmate for everyone
age: 23
parents: Robert Downey Jr. and Evelyn Peterson
job: Editor of Vegas Magazine
bio: Clarissa is outspoken, loud and quirky. Always speaking her mind and doing crazy and idiosyncratic things her friends look to Clarissa for a good time but despite her reputation Clarissa stays away from hard drugs and never gets off her face drunk. She may seem really confident but she’s always worried about what people think about her, she thinks she’s not worthy and people only want to be near her because of her dads name. Self conscious on the inside Clarissa is good at hiding her insecurities but every now and then they show themselves and she breaks down, and she does so spectacularly. Clarissa’s biggest fear is that she’ll drive every guy away from her with her opinions and that she’ll be alone forever, which is a shame because all she really wants is her white knight to come and make her feel like a princess.
model: Rachel McAdams
love Interests: N/a
Sets Made: 4


My second of 3 Rachel characters. I wrote a really crappy bio and couldn't get into it - plus the roleplay died really quickly -.-
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