(I hate Beach sets because I personally suck at them. You see? I think you do.)

Beach Party

"HURRY UP!!!" I yelled at Della. I loved her, not going to lie, but sometimes she took kind of long. It was a nice day outside, and we all decided to go and have a beach party. Even the guys. So this ought to be fun.

No models though, unfortunately. So Jenna and Hannah and all our model friends weren't gonna be seen. Not to mention the hot model guys. Oh well.

Just when I was about to go and drag Hannah out of her bathroom, my phone buzzed. Apparently, it rang but I missed it. So someone left a voicemail. I opened it and called my voicemail, hearing Jonas' voice. "UGLY! How's it going, sis? Hope it's good. I think I'm gonna be able to drop by soon! Racing scene is getting kinda steamy over here by the way. I know you'd like it. But anyway, tell me when you can get me in any good movie premiers." He laughed, and then continued. "See you soon! I'll call you again, and maybe this time you'll pick up. Love you buttface." Then he hung up.

I just laughed. I would call him later once this beach party was done. I bet he was partying up in New York, too. Della was ready when I hung up my phone and we went off.

Almost everyone was there when we got there. Guess they all wanted to party it up. Bonfire, surfing, hot bodies, tanning, I don't know. It was gonna be fun though.

I saw Ryan there too. And his pets, of course, but they were off flirting with their ladies. I smiled at Kellie who I knew was trying to get away from Jacob as I walked over to Ryan. "Hey."

"You're never late." He commented with a smile. Why'd he always smile? I wondered if I got him mad, would he smile? I laughed in my head.

"It's Della's fault, okay. And we're not even late. You're just too early." I said with a grin.

"Okay there," he chuckled, "it's never bad to be early. It's bad to be late though. Like you." He said, now grinning.

I just narrowed my eyes. "I was not late." If you knew me like Della, I hate late.

"Believe what you may, but my clock says you were."

I just groaned, rolled my eyes and walked away. But it wasn't long before he caught up to me. Jeez, long strides much? "Guess you're still believing in what you may, huh."

"Shut up Ryan." I said, trying to find someone to walk up to.

"You're giving me mixed signals." He sighed.

I stopped and turned to him. "Hm?" I was confused now.

He just shrugged. "Nothing."

Wow. Guys. I groaned. "You're giving me no signals."

And just then, suddenly, he gave me a kiss. A small and short one, but it got my heart racing enough. He smiled once he pulled away. "There's your signal."

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three comments

Wrote 8 years ago
Super pretty~

Wrote 8 years ago
Hahaha thanks girls, xo.

Wrote 8 years ago
aww how cute! you looked gorgeous, too ;) xo- Ariella


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