Feeling: Back at last
Where: Angie's Party
With: Everyone
Hair: Pictures
Lipstick: Bright Red
Eyeshadow: Light Turquoise
Nails: Breathe Life [OPI]
Scent: DKNY Be Delicious, by DKNY

I was in my dorm room with Sage getting ready. Vivien was out again of course. She obviously can't stand being in the presence of me and Sage. Apparently we're too preppy and perky for her.

She walked in to the dorm. "Hey, Viv", I greeted attempting to be nice.

"Ugh. I hate it when you call me that!" she moaned. 

"Sorry", I mumbled. "So, are you going to Angie's party?"

"Why wouldn't I?" she asked looking at me like I was crazy.

"I'm just trying to make conversation", I muttered. "Now, I need to get back to my make up".

I finished it up. Sage and I left. "What's up with you making conversation with 'it'?" she asked.

"I don't know. I'm just in a good mood today and I felt like being nice!" I told her smiling.

"Do you have a fever or are you just feeling good because you made up with Tinz?" Sage asked.

"The second", I said laughing. "I mean she was still bitchyy when we made up even after I got her a date with her dream boy. But that's just Tinsley.I'd be worried if she wasn't bitchyy".

Sage laughed too. "I would too"

"We're hereeee", Sage and I shouted walking into the Dumbarton Lounge. 

Angie walked over to us. "Awesome party!" I congratulated her.

"Thanks", she said smiling brightly.

"So, why are you two, so happy?" she asked.

I spilled to her my whole genius plan of fixing Tinsley and Julian up. "Clever", she told me.

"I know!" I exclaimed giggling.

Angie walked right in front of the tv which was currently playing a sports game. “You know for somebody so small, you can sure as hell block the TV,” I heard one of the guys yell which made most of the guys and a couple of the girls laugh. 

“ANYWAYS, can you guys all give me your DVDs so we can start this,” Angie said rolling her eyes at the guys.

I grabbed a beer and a seat. I looked and saw Kyle and Angie talking. They're so cute together! Way better than Lily or Rachael with Kyle. No offense to them. Tinz and Julian also looked cute together.

Great. I mean I'm happy for them, but very jealous. I just want that boy who will always be there for me. But I have to face reality, fairytale boys are just for fairytales. I grabbed another beer

I sighed and lied back down watching the movies. "Can I talk to you for a second?" I heard someone whisper in my ear. I looked up and saw it was Heath.

"No", I said flatly.

"I just want to talk", he told me.

"Yeah, right", I snorted.

"Ok, fine. I don't JUST want to talk. But I do want to talk a little", he admitted. 

I sighed, not in the mood to fight. I walked with him into the other room.

"So..." I mumbled.

"I'm sorry about the other night", he apologized.

"No. You're not. You got to have sexx with Tinsley, your dream girl", I disagreed.

"Okay, so I'm not sorry for that. But she's not my dream girl. She's just effing hot." he told me.

"I don't need to hear that you think one of my best friends are 'effing hot'" I shuddered.

"Look, I'm sorry I embarrassed you", he blurted out. 

I rolled my eyes. "Heath Ferro is never sorry".

"Maybe not. But Heath Ferro is a GREAT kisser", he said trying to keep a straight face. I laughed and joined in.

"Can you prove that?" I whispered.

"Yeah, I think I can", he whispered back.

He gave me a long kiss. "Thoughts?" he asked.

"Well I wouldn't say great..." I said smiling. 

He smiled too. "Well then I guess I'll just have to kiss you again".

He kissed me again and again. We snuck into a closet and well you know the rest. First cab, then closet. No, Heath is most definitely not a fairytale boy. FAR from it. (I'm pretty sure as soon as we walked out of the closet to sleep, I saw him staring at a girl with a see-through pajama top). But he's good enough for me.

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