March 11, 2013.

It's called Demons and it's by Imagine Dragons and its amazing and it's not super poppy/mainstream :) Also it's also like Will's theme song so yeah :D Will is my favorite character from my book.

ugh it's been such a long day. I've been super tired because yesterday we had to turn forward our clocks :P blehh. And today and yesterday it finally felt like Spring :D omg yay. I should really be working on homework. And I kinda love this set guys....(: but not really. And it's weird how for me simpler sets take a longer time. And I'M SUPER SORRY I GOT LIKE BARELY ANY CATCHING UP DONE LAST WEEKEND. But this weekend I'll be super busy too so I guess I will be catching up during the week. And my friend said that after she finishes reading The Fault in Our Stars she could lend it to mee :D YAY I'm so excited to read it :D Plus it's set in the state that I live in. Maybe someone cool could finally come from this state lol.

I can't wait until summer so I can enjoy the feeling for being on Polyvore and not being behind everyone's sets :D Well ok. Goodbye now guys. Oh and the #1 thing on my bucket list is meeting all my Polyfriends and going shopping with them omg that would be so amazing asdfhjkl :D
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