{sexual context, do not read if you're offended with that kinda stuffs)

i rolled my body close to his rockin' hard self, trying to wake him up. or some other part, that is. 

"Sid..." i whispered slowly to his ear

"mmhhmm.." he murmured.

"how about a quickie before class?" i ran my fingers through his chest playfully, moving downward.

"what time is it?" he rubbed his eyes.

"who cares?" i smiled as i put my hand where it belongs. he groaned slowly before grabbing my head aggressively.

"you little devil." 

"dude, what can you say? i love sex." i laughed.

as we got into position, he tore the condom off with his teeth and then put them in quickly. as our body got closer, i can't help but love the way it feels when he thrusts. i moaned wanting him to go faster. his hard **** felt so good inside mine, i might have screamed a bit. 

as we both got to the top, we laid side by side catching our breaths. and then my phone rang.

Sid took it from his side table,

"Roy?" he said, giving the phone to me.

"uhm, some dude i know from FIT." i said brief.

"is he like... into you or something?" he stammered.

"awww... sid.. you're jealous. how cute." i chuckled.

"no.. i'm not." his face turned red.

i climbed on top of him and lowered my sweaty body to him,

"he's just a geek needed some help with a group assignment. don't mind him."

"i am not jealous." 

"of course you're not." i laughed.

"can we drop it already?" he chuckled.

"fine with me." i smiled as i pressed my lips into his and kissed him passionately. i ended up doing just that for the rest of the day. yes, ditching class for sex, is the only reason that matter!

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