April 7, 2013.

This set is for @anelalovenathan :) Thanks SO much for being such a wonderful and amazing Polyfriend, you always leave super sweet comments and your sets are ALWAYS an inspiration to me :D You've made so many sets for me before and you're just amazing ok. Thanks again for being so fantastical!! You're so talented and I hope that you have a fab week!!

Hi guys I'm so tired and I want to go to sleep but I have to go finish..start on my homework. But don't worry I don't have a lot :D Miranda Kerr is perfect omg and I like the colors in this set hehe. 

It felt pretty outside today. And whenever someone likes one of my items, it shows up on my activity page. It's getting kinda annoying so do you guys know how to like get rid of it or whatever?

Well. I'm going to take a nap I think maybe. I'll be on later though. And AH I'm not going to try to find out what my friends keeping from me because I always ruin surprises for myself. So I guess I have to wait another 37 days. And then I'll tell you guys :) Well you guys are amazing and I wish I could spend more time here oh and I wish you a fantastical week too :D I'm actually kinda excited because we're going on a field trip on Wednesday and I seriously haven't been on a field trip in foreverrrrrrrr. I added extra Rs to emphasize my point. I'm having another party in my mind. You guys can come again ;D Ok really bye now.
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