Sunshine On My Shoulders-Carly Rae Jepsen
ugh I love the whole Tug of War album so much
except for the cover ew
but seriously man that album is sonic sunshine and happiness
Yay for my crappy selfie in the upper left corner
So let's see
I was at conditioning today and yesterday for softball
there's only going to be varsity this year which is freaking me out because my position is catcher and there are three other girls who do that 
so yeah
just really sore man
well yesterday I went to the B Sharps meeting at lunch and afterwards I practiced with Lily on Stutter(d-d-d-d-did I?) and she can harmonize so yayyyyy
we were #killinit 
omg Lovefest is going to be so rad
and yeah that was it
and today it was weird because Brennan broke a trip wire so he was freaking out trying to find what he set off but we didn't find anything other than the string so idk
I did my history homework during P.E. lol oops fail at life
and my Spanish during bio
jk jk jk
calm down
not literally
we're in a genetics unit so we flipped coins and picked traits for offspring and my partner draws manga so it was beautiful
our offspring was named Lucy Lujan Lam
(Lucy bc of the actress in Charlie's Angels, and the other two are our last names)
my lab partner, she's going to Hong Kong I'm so jelly
during English we finished Devil's Arithmetic
it was depressing
Oh and during math I had to take an MYP assessment which is literally a test on something you haven't learned
that is the point
it's so stupid
so I nope'd out and just filled out the charts
like 95% of that I left blank
and then conditioning 
still sore
so I'll probably give out one of the prizes for the 3K giveaway once a week
but yeah that's about it
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