April 27, 2013.

SO hi guys :) I feel so bad I haven't been on like all week so I'm going to try to catch up on sets now. Ugh sorry I haven't really been on lately. I love you guys and I can't wait until summer. Oh and I've changed my icon to like an actual person :D so yayy this is only temporary though.

So I actually had a really good week this week!! Which was kinda weird. But it was nice. And I didn't have that much homework sort of. But next week we have to take these state tests and ASLKDJF I DON'T WANT TO TAKE THEM ughgughugh. 

Oh and the Book Thief is just seriously so amazing. I'm a little halfway through it and I just absolutely adore the way it is written, and how Death narrates it and stuff. And there's like a poetic feel to it when I read it sort of. And Liesel and Rudy have like the cutest relationship/friendship :D 

My friend and I just took a walk around our neighborhood because it's so lovely and beautiful outside. The breeze is just so lovely and it's like not too much, you know. Ugh okay well it's really pretty outside. 

Guys what could I wear with this dress? A cardigan? And if so what color? And I don't know if I should wear heels or not.

Alright well I always forget what I want to say when I'm actually typing so bye now :)
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