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[Wednesday, October 17]: We want to see if your future husband loves you for you. And why not do so with a little fun? Brielle and Bella have paired up the brides for blind makeovers in the beauty chambers. All mirrors will be covered and you will spend the remainder of the day at your fiancé’s side as the Save the Date entourage ventures out into Paris for some daytime fun. We hope for your sake that you don’t have a partner who’s out for the crown…or should we say veil?

 I looked in the vanity mirror, and surveyed the results of Bambi's makeover. It looked really nice and professional. Except for the eye liner, though I do believe I'm at fault for that. Oh well, it can be easily fixed. 

Now it was time for me to work my magic on Bambi. "Now my make-up skills aren't the greatest so don't except perfection here. Turn around though, I want it to be a surprise, " I warned her. Bambi immediately tensed up and got a worried frown on her face. She hesitantly turned around though. 

To begin, I dipped a brush into some foundation. Bambi's face was already flawless so I didn't need to put much on. I didn't want to make her look like a cake face, right? 

 I now moved onto eye shadow, which was never my strength. Never really understood that whole blend concept. I looked down at the eye shadow palette which B&B supplied us with. Every color and shade out there imaginable was laid out. Like millions of colors from scarlet reds to dusty yellows. I pursed my lips, contemplating which color would suit Bambi's blue eyes best. My mind reverted back to Bambi's previous comment comparing my little pony to Spiderman. A truly outlandish comparison to say the least. I felt bad for saying that the statement was stupid, as that word clearly was a sore spot for her. 

  After a bout of inspiration (and what I thought would be a funny joke) I decided to make Bambi look like Rainbow Dash, one of the my little ponies that I quickly find on my Iphone. Rainbow dash had an cool looking rainbow mane. I took a smaller brush and got some sky blue eye shadow on it. I carefully applied it all over the lid. I used a lighter yellow for the crease portion. I pursed my lips, it didn't look as awesome as it did in my mind. I attempted to blend the colors but it only made it look more of a crazy mess. I tried adding green, red-ish & purple eye shadow as they're the rest of the colors of Rainbow Dash's colorful mane. It only made Bambi look more like a clown. I added some black eyeliner that ended up smudging. I pulled a face and she picked up on it straight away.

 "Oh god. I look awful don't I?!" I slowly shook my head but Bambi still sighs sadly, as if she knows I'm lying. I choose a red lipstick that matched the red of the eye shadow and meticulously applied it to her lips. She smacked her lips together and I smiled, at least one part of her make over looks decent. 

 "Close you eyes," I instructed and whipped the chair around so it faced the vanity. Oh god, Bambi was going to murder me. 

 "And open them," I said with a dramatic flourish of my hands. Her blue eyes pop open and mouth created a huge O. She looked shocked, angry and quite upset. 

 "What did you do?!" she exclaimed . "Applied your make-up.." I responded nervously. I don't think Bambi thought my joke was very funny. 

 "I look like a freak! A. STUPID. DUMB. FREAK," she raged on. 

 "Whoa! I'm sorry. It was just a joke."

 "A joke?! What kind of a joke involves making a person looks like this," she said gesturing to the mirror. Her voice had a sadder tone behind it compared to it's earlier anger and shock.        "Look, I might have took it to far.." 

  "You think!?" A tear escaped her eyes and made her make-up smear, getting further messed up. "Yeah well I just remembered your earlier comment about my little pony and thought it'd be funny to make you look like Rainbow Dash." 

 She sniffled and tried to wipe away more tears which fell more easily after the first one. "You tried to make me look like an animated pony?" 

 I shrugged sheepishly "Maybe not one of my best and well thought out decisions." 

 "Oh really? I thought it was quite brilliant myself," Bambi replied, laughing lightly through the last of her tears. I join in on her laughter and reach downward to pick on some make-up remover.   

"Think we're gonna need this," I said with a small smile which Bambi returns. We get to work repairing what we could from the disaster I created. 

 By the end of the process Bambi actually doesn't look to bad at all. 


 We settled in at a nice Parisian diner. I really do love the food here.Dylan and Jack converse for quite awhile, not surprisingly they get along quite well. Dylan has quite a talent for making people like him. Bambi and I continue to talk as well I'm glad that she's not upset about the whole make over thing. I really hadn't made any friends in the competition and it'd be nice to have at least one. Bambi asked a question about guilty pleasures and I try to think of just a couple to mention. 

 "I actually have a lot of guilty pleasures! Crappy reality shows that you know are the absolute worst but you continue to watch them," I replied. "I can assent that. She's made me watch a few of them with her sometimes. America's next top model for one," Dylan said with a mock shudder and a horrified face.

 "It's not that bad!" I exclaimed. Gotta defend Tyra baby. And that new judge Rob Evans. Can I just speak for the whole female population and say: damnnnnn. 

 "Gurllllll I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to become America's next top model!" Dylan mocked in a perfect accent. He finishes his perfect impersonation with a sassy snap of his fingers. The entire table bursted out laughing, Dylan being British only made the whole thing funnier. We continued to talk about guilty pleasures and I must say, I learned something new about Dylan. 

A waiter gave us our food and I ate it quickly, after a hard day of makeovers one can really work up quite an appetite. After we finished our meals we decided to go our separate ways. 

 "Thanks for today," Bambi said with a smile.      

"It's good to have somebody in this contest that we can actually be friendly with," I added.

  She nodded and wrote down her number "If you ever want to talk..." she trailed off.  

"Of course!"
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