• I wake up looking this good... And I wouldn't change it if I could/nomakeupmakeup contest
  • Blue lagoon
  • Your words hit me harder than I'll ever admit/ Bright boots contest
  • You fit me better than my favorite sweather/ Sweather weather
  • cloudmaker
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  • don’t care if you think i’m dumb, i don’t care at all.
  • my wrists look like i am a jewel thief but that's just 'cause i am a boss b!tch.
  • darling, your looks can kill, so now you’re dead.
  • you're gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes, fancy cars.

  • outfit
  • Outfit
  • Black and Gold
  • White and Coral

  • 14. || MILA KUNIS
  • 12. || ADRIANA LIMA
  • 11. || EMMA ROBERTS

  • When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.
  • The characters may be fictional but the pain and the tears are real.
  • It start as butterflies, but now it just hurts.
  • The person I thought would make me the happiest is the person who makes me feel like shit 99% of the time.
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  • RP?

  • Stunner
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Beach Babe
  • Beach Bombshell

  • we are pieces of ancient earth, bits of sacred story soaked in intellect and dirt.
  • you could be my ice-age sugar, you lay me down and make me shiver.
  • i am eternally, devastatingly romantic, and i thought people would see it because ‘romantic’ doesn’t mean ‘sugary.’ it’s dark and tormented - the furor of passion, the despair of an idealism that you can’t attain.
  • if love is setting a place at the table for someone who is never coming home, i think i'll pass.
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  • Lost without you
  • Out of the woods
  • I have my moments
  • Given the chance I'd go for it
  • assie
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  • Oops, time to go.
  • Lucas Silva makes skin better.
  • "He tips me back with my hand still on his chest, over his heart—like we're partners for pas de deux, like we mean something together rather than apart."
  • My internet keeps crashing so I couldn't title this.

  • "As he begins to raise his voice, you lower yours and grant him one last choice. Drive until you lose the road or break with the ones you've followed."
  • "Never let them take the light behind your eyes"
  • "Don't you know your secret's safe with me. All your worries can be put to, can be put to sleep"
  • "I go around a time or two, just to waste my time with you."

  • "It's just a moment go and see it, don't be afraid to give your heart to me"
  • 05. All You Had To Do Was Stay;
  • The sun. The moon. The truth.
  • "Don't worry about those who talk behind your back, they're behind you for your reason"

  • I’m burning for love, love 준비됐어, 넌 완벽한 상대 달콤해 참
  • You are my poison
  • I never know what to title birthday sets, so like Happy Birthday.
  • Just do what you wanna, do what you wanna 약올리지 말고 내게 확신을 줘넌

  • Andrée
  • Aurore

  • you're my friends now
  • you never got to heaven but you got real close
  • you should take my life |-/ you should take my soul
  • keepers keep keeping

  • Being apart ain't easy on this love affair.
  • When I met her at a party she was hardly acting naughty.
  • Never could be sweeter than with you.
  • Lifes a tour, I'm so sure.

  • In the city.
  • BLC
  • Baby, U can drive my car.
  • 188

  • 17. i will be your freudian slip
  • 16. coin operated boy
  • 15. take only what you need from it
  • 14. we were fated to pretend

  • Untitled #200
  • Untitled #199
  • Untitled #198
  • Untitled #197
  • swaggie-xd
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  • Some say it's a blessing, some say it's a curse.
  • Untitled #727
  • Untitled #728
  • Stop, wait a minute. Fill my cup and put some liquor in it.

  • and there was a beat
  • Can't be getting mad
  • the night city grows
  • Wind and Wonder

  • Sin título #872
  • Fashion
  • Sin título #870
  • Sin título #869

No sets

  • And his voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever But this is getting good now
  • There's something about you, that I knew so well Tell those questions I have no answers
  • Make me feel like I am breathing Feel like I am human
  • But I got my hopes up again, oh no, not again.
  • stefania
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  • [ zine submission ] dressing like a punk
  • 'cause i was only born inside my dreams
  • [THGC] i'm speeding up and this is the red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart
  • [THGC] cause i'd rather waste my life pretending than have to forget you for one whole minute
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  • 25+ Girl Crush Challenge: Perrie Edwards
  • Fall Trend: Wedges
  • Fall Trend: Oxblood
  • Live While We're Young

  • Ain't a whole lot going on, small town Friday night. Revving up at a red light, on your mark, get set, go. {dirt}
  • You get your hands in it, plant your roots in it, dusty head lights dance with your boots in it.
  • A perfect life has begun, I'm on top since you're gone.
  • When you're around me I'm radioactive.
  • alpha-d0g
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  • Peru - I just can't wait for
  • 51/50+ Babysitting your niece
  • 50/50 Getting married
  • 29. Liz Taylor
  • monypussy
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  • [337] i just ride....
  • [336] setting the california standard.
  • [335] les brielles back in action.
  • [334] they don't want my love, they just want my potential.
  • honeyrouge
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  • i don't know who i am without you.
  • i no longer like the seaside, because the ocean reminds me of your eyes and the ice cream tastes like your skin.
  • ' when the monsters are sleeping under your bed, they’ve crawled out from under and into your head '
  • 生活

  • 182. [NL Ent.] She's making me crazy, I'm so into you.
  • 181. [TDC] Talking ravens are always a sign of bad luck.
  • 180. [TYO] You might regret doing that.
  • 179. [TBSS] This isn't a phase, Dad.

  • Real life barbie doll
  • Interview with David Karp | For Fiore Prep
  • Don't ask me questions, I won't explain it
  • playing with them good girls, no, that ain't your style

  • 2. London
  • The skies I'm under
  • Who I am
  • Fever pitch
  • punkeen
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  • Can’t take back the cards you dealt on this long and lonely road to hell. The throne must be such a sad and lonely place.
  • Light on up with everybody watching you. Lights go down - everything is yours to lose.
  • We're all fast breakers coming out of the gates, taking chances. We're the crash and burn.
  • Break out, break out. Our time has come and we've got these big city dreams.

  • still remember the first time that i saw your face//it was not love at first sight//the only reason i tell you that now//is cause everything feels so right [CCC]
  • tell me a piece of your history//that you're proud to call your own//speak in words you picked up//as you walked through life alone [CCC]
  • locked in, buried under my skin//riding on the whispers//restless in the wind//hunted, i can feel it coming//keep me under cover in what could of been [TITL]
  • and there's a jet black crow droning on, and on, and on//up above our heads droning on, and on, and on//hit it never quit it I have been through the wreck//but i can scream enough to show my face in the light of day [TMS]

  • 25+ Girl Crush Challenge: #18 - Mindy Kaling
  • 25+ Girl Crush Challenge: #17 - Amy Poehler
  • 25+ Girl Crush Challenge: #16 - Shailene Woodley
  • 25+ Girl Crush Challenge: #15 - Karen Gillan
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  • heartland.
  • darker days, longer nights.
  • lie to me again.
  • blue feathers.

  • żółta miłość
  • cherry red.
  • Bez tytułu #420
  • spring

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  • Milano Polyvore Meet up
  • B.o.T.B. | Round 9 | ROUND FINALE
  • Milano Polyvore Meet up
  • Trend spotter: Flare jeans