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inspo: @cookiemonster4eva

Bay Malloy. Daughter of Neptune (:

November 12th- It wouldn’t be a demigod quest without Monster Donuts would it? Enjoy some cream filled delights and try not to die.

collab with @mcpanda (:

Max and I are within walking distance from the donut shop and we exchanged looks with each other as we saw some of the camp halfblood girls enter it. 

Prometheus recently gained control of Camp Jupiter. He sent in a massive army of monsters that even we couldn't take down. Now we're forced to obey him, or else the camp will be destroyed. Some of us were more gung ho about that then others. Max, for example, looked overjoyed. Being a daughter of Mars gives you a certain fire, I suppose. 

When we were asked by Prometheus himself (a rather terrifying encounter honestly) to track and find out intel on Camp Halfblood. Apparently there was another camp (that itself was a huge shocker) and some of them formed a resistance against Prometheus. 

Needless to say Prometheus was pissed. Which created our job.

It's really difficult to say if I support Prometheus or not. In some obvious ways I don't, I mean the guy wants to rule all humans. That means making them scapegoats. Though there's not many mortals I truly care about, there's one special one I'd hate to see get hurt: Peter. My best friend and one that I've been in love with for what seems like ever. 

That's why I also "support" Prometheus. If we don't yourself and the people you care about get killed. Simple enough equation. Also you encounter a lot less monsters if you're on his side. Plus there was the fact that I'm completely loyal to Camp Jupiter.

And since Prometheus basically owned Camp Jupiter now, I basically was forced into agreeing with this whole plan.

At least Max was doing this with me. It'd be even worse to do this by myself. In a way I feel guilty toward these girls we're about to befriend. They won't know a thing about our real quest. And honestly, they're just doing what I'm doing: trying to save camp.

I shake my head, erasing all of the thoughts from my cluttered mind.

"Let's do this," I said with a grin to Max. She returned it, excited at the prospect of this.

We entered the doughnut shop and I inhaled deeply. I hadn't smelt anything this heavenly in the longest time. 

I re-adjusted the bogey board I was carrying as we approached Cassiopeia, the so called leader of the resistance.

 “Are you Cassiopeia?” a confident Max questioned her. I'm not that close with Max as we're both closed off people but she definitely impresses me with confidence.

“Er… Yes?" Cassiopeia replied, somewhat nervously. I note some jelly drip off of her lip and hide a smile. Jelly donuts are amazing and probably my favorite.

“We’re here to help," Max spoke again, her voice still filled with confidence and purpose. 

Too bad Cassiopeia had no clue what that purpose was. 

Oblivious Cassiopeia nodded and gestured for us to pull up a chair and join her at the table.
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