June 2, 2013.
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Aaah how is it June already?! I've only published eight sets in the month of May...that's kinda sad. 

Well anywayss this set is for:
Thank you guys for the birthday set you all made me, they just meant SO to me :DD You guys are amazing and I just love you so much :) Also thank you so much for always reading the little things I put in my descriptions. I know that my thoughts don't really flow well together so they kinda come out like LASKDFJ but thank you so much for reading the little description thingys because seriously that just means the absolute world to me. And I know there are more of you guys and I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO :D I'm not done making sets for everyone yet.
Okay well since it's June and stuff I wanted to tell you guys like my summer bucket list sort of. I'm probably not going to do like any of them but I really hope I do. I'll try :)

1. Be on Polyvore more and enter a Polyvore contest. Idk I feel like I haven't entered a contest in forever. Also I miss you guys and yeah.

2. Replenish my closet. Seriously. Ugh my closet sucks right now and I have like no summer clothes. I really need to go shopping soon but my mom won't take me yet ahaha. Also I want to go to more stores.

3. Earn more money. Well this would help with #2 because I really want to earn my own money so I can start buying more of my own stuff. But I don't really know how. Sigh. My parents said that I could do extra chores around the house I guess.

4. Learn how to do my own makeup. And make it look simple yet pretty. I don't really wear makeup that much but when I do it's only a mascara. Mostly because I'm too lazy lol. So yeah. Do you guys have like any suggestions, tips, and stuff?

5. Uhm. Try to have a social life. But obviously that's not going to happen. HAHa that's okay. I have to learn not to be so shy and actually respond to people when they talk to me. 

6. Redecorate my room :) Right now my room is kinda ugly because it's filled with a bunch of different colored stuff furniture. haha. I really want to maybeee redecorate my room with like IKEA furniture. UGH I just love IKEA so much. 

Well. I guess this isn't really like a summer bucket list because bucket lists are more specific. Eh whatever. I'll finish it in my next set bye<3 I hope you all will have a super amazing coming week :) 

Oh and I just wanted to say that those three pictures are llike my absolute favorite pictures of Barbara. And that's saying something because I love all pictures of her lol. I should stop obessesing over models bye.
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