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Name (Nickname if it applies): Charlotte 'Lottie' Kendrick
Age: 20

Likes: Jazz, speakeasies, breaking the rules, the flapper lifestyle, late nights, New York, dancing, fashion, being the centre of attention, boys, singing and drinking till the morning 
Dislikes: Hangovers, girls who try to be flappers but obviously aren't, snobs, sticklers for rules and the norm, boring people and guys who don't understand the concept of no.

Bio: Oh, Lottie Kendrick! Just the mention of her name will have debutante mothers covering their mouths with shock and utter distaste. They don't want their precious daughters to end up like Lottie. What, with all of the endless nights drinking and dancing up a storm. Oh no, their daughters are far much to proper for activities like those. 

Lottie was never proper. Oh heavens no! Even in the small town of Willowmore, Ohio Charlotte was always stirring up trouble for her family. Reckless and glamorous, Lottie was one huge sparkling fish in one small pond. Ohio wasn't nearly large enough to contain her. Though Lottie's mother (who always insisted calling her Charlotte) tried so hard to force Lottie to fit in. Her mother even arranged a marriage with John O'Neill, son of the most powerful family in town! 

John was the total opposite of the firecracker Lottie. He was boring and a total wet blanket. Worst of all? He followed every rule in the book, meanwhile Lottie had already torn that book to pieces. There couldn't be a worse match in the world. So Lottie, being the reckless person she is, hopped on a train and kissed the small town world goodbye.

Where else to go but New York? With it's swanky speakeasies and hyponotic jazz tunes, New York was the berries! It was the place where Lottie was born to live in. 

Charlotte's first step? Change her god awful name. Charlotte, small town girl became no more. Now Lottie was were she was meant to be and now was unstoppable. Her long hair was trimmed up into a stylish bob and Lottie's clothes were the roaring twenties personified. 

Lottie didn't want to simply fit into New York though. She wanted to stand out, to become a star. Lottie's beauty, youth, vivaciousness and a rebellious streak that ran through her veins like the giggle water that she frequently drank made her more then just a flapper. It made her /the/ flapper.

As people became more and more aware of this fire engine red haired Sheba, a certain Shiek took note of here. Enter Daniel Grayson, one of the most notorious bootleggers and owner of the current 'it' speakeasy of New York. With a bat of her baby blues, Daniel got hooked on the show that was Lottie. Daniel soon carried a torch for Lottie and chased her, wanting Lottie to be his.

Lottie and Daniel are now dating but does she really understand what she's gotten herself into? The danger appeal that once called her to Daniel, like a moth to a flame is now starting to dim. Will she ever be able to meet him somewhere that's not surrounded by Daniel's many henchman? Somewhere that isn't in a sweaty mess of a speakeasy?

Lottie pushes these worries about Daniel to the back of her brain and instead focuses on how she's going to become New York's best new jazz singer.

Model: Georgie Hobday

+ Why do you want to be a part of this RP? I love the roaring twenties, it's honestly my favourite era. It's just so exciting and I think a RP set in the 20's is bound to be just as exciting.

+ Will you be able to make at least 2 sets a week? Will you be active and comment on others sets? I will try my very hardest. If I don't it would probably be because of exams or vacation or something.

+ Random fact about yourself (We want to get to know you all!) My fingers kill from typing up this bio xD I used a lot of 20's slang in it, which I googled. I honestly find it so interesting. 

RP sample:

The speakeasy was in full swing, swingy jazz music echoing throughout it. Hordes of flappers grouped near the dance floor, doing wild and drunken Charleston's. 

Mysterious gangster types, complete with fedoras sat at the already crowded bar ordering drink upon drink. 

Lottie Kendrick was in the center of the action, her magnetic personality causing flappers (though none on her level) and a bunch of desperate guys that Lottie would be sure to later razz on. Everybody's eye had one been on the Lottie at one point of the night. Just the way she liked it. 

Suddenly a fella approached Lottie and dragged her away from the all of the action. He took her to a more calm (well the most calm you can get in a speakeasy) booth in the corner. Lottie tried to struggle, I mean she had a boyfriend.

Who just so happened to be the owner of this swanky joint.

But the fella was strong and well Lottie was already full of giggle water. If anybody saw the two together Lottie could just blame it on the hooch.

"So, or check?" the man asked, his voice breathy and reeking of booze.

Lottie wrinkled her nose. Giggle water had the effect to make men look much more appealing then they actually were. This was definitely the case here. 

"Bank's closed," Lottie spoke firmly and stood up. She locked eyes with her boyfriend who was standing on the opposite side of the speakeasy, leaning casually against the wall. He was gripping his holster tightly, which undoubtedly contained a loaded pistol. She hadn't noticed him earlier and breathed a sigh of relief. 

Who knows what would have happened if Lottie ended up kissing the man?
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