June 18, 2013.

OH HAY GUYS. I haven't published a set in such a long time. I miss you so much.
This set is dedicated to all of my beautiful followers!! 
Okay yayyy well get ready for a really cheesy dedication to you guys. 
Seriously. @polyvore. Wut. I love you. So much. You guys literally mean the world to me. I'm not even kidding. Like if Polyvore suddenly disappeared I'd cry. Like for the rest of my life. Polyvore made me discover my secret love for fashion. And making sets makes me feel happy and aaah I actually feel talented sometimes :) But I'm not. Ugh I'm awful with words in case you haven't noticed but THANK YOU SO MUCH @polyvore for existing. And thank you so much to all you guys....your comments never fail to make me smile. My Polyfriends all have a special place in my heart. And a super big thank you to those who always read my random stuff I put in my description :D you guys know who you are and thank you so much because it makes me so happy okay. SO YEAH OKAY SORRY THAT WAS SO CHEESY AND STUPID BUT ALL THE STUFF I SAID WAS TRUE :D

Ugh. My parents have been so annoying lately. They put a password on all the accounts on the computer and I can't use it for more than an hour a day....but sometimes I still use it more than an hour lol. So I'm so sorry I'm not as active on here as I was before. I'll get to your sets soon, I promise. 

AAAHHH SUMMER GYM.So right now I am in session one which is Pool for me. But it's not all swimming. It's basically divided into three sections; swimming, weight room, and then random gym stuff. And aahhhh I'm in the first lane for swimming which is for all the short and sucky people lol. And then I really hate the weight room because I AM SO SKINNY AND WEAK. I'm such a weakling guys. And I'm so unathletic its not even funny. I could cry. Okay. Oh but at least the guys are cute hehe. Lol. I'm so weird. Seriously the people from my school are so ugly ahaha. 

aalsdkj. I am so excited :DD On Sunday my friends and I are going to Six Flags. It's a really big amusement park. And I've never been there so I'm really excited :D

Kendall Jenner is SO pretty. I wish I looked like her. I don't really like the Kardashians but Kendall seems different sort of. 

Yeah. Okay byee guys. I think I'm going to Target but then I can finally catch up on sets! I hope you guys are having a super amazing summer. It's been really cold and not very summery here. 

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