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Past Roleplay Characters
Ashley 'Ash' Mills; Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Ashley ‘Ash’ Mills; 22
“I don’t want to hate but that’s all you’ve left me with”
Model: Rachel McAdams
Occupation: Austin Isley’s Assistant
Biography: Ashley is a smart, lovely and organised girl. Raised by her mother after her dad died when she was little her mom tried to make sure her and her older brother had everything they ever wanted. Everything in the world couldn’t prevent her brother developing a sex addiction and being sent to jail for assault. The little family was torn apart and her mother was devastated and at that moment Ashley swore she would be celibate from then on. So far she’s been successful and remained unchanged by the city but with a boss like hers it can’t last long.
Relationship status: Single and Celibate
Sets made: 16
Guys: Noah [JGL] I forgot his last name.

@emmylou It's been 6 months since I did a past RP set, then I saw yours and realised I was up to Ash and well that homework that NEEDS to get done wasn't as I made this.

Ash was amazing, one of my favourite characters to write. And Rachel, and JGL and Noah was one of my favourite love interests I wrote; all the others I've written all feel the same to me but Noah was ...gray.

In my head these two left Gotham and went somewhere nice and sunny [maybe australia xD] and got married and had adorable babies, because seriously with these two as parents? they'd have to be adorable.
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