The #50 Epic Themes Set Challenge
#27 Your Perfect Birthday
Alice in Wonderland
The first set of my own challenge that I started. 
Check it out here:
Song For Set: Avril Lavigne - Alice
So...I really didn't feel like re-making this set because it is
the ultimate birthday I always; one that's themed to Alice in Wonderland
Ever since I was little, I always loved Alice in Wonderland
I buy up tons of Alice in Wonderland things and even 
loved the new Tim Burton Alice movie - even though it was more 'Through the Looking Glass' then it was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
I can quote every single Alice in Wonderland poem pretty much word for word 
and have seen every different version of the movies
I even own a few different copies of the books; and a few of them are VERY VERY old
I nearly had a heart attack when I found out Johnny Depp was going to play the Mad Hatter a while back
I was sort of worried, what with Tim Burton possibly screwing up my beloved story - even though I love Tim Burton
But I think the movie, as I said, was amazing
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