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Alexis' secret santa is Kim.

December 26th: Yesterday was Christmas, but tonight we’re all meeting at Henry’s place for a belated celebration. Bring a gift for your secret Santa and enjoy listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog all night. Don’t worry about getting home if you drink too much, we’re all sleeping over in Henry’s living room tonight.


I really need to stop doing things at the very last moment.

The mall at the very moment was quite comparable to the stampede from the Lion King.

Ever since this whole Disney thing I've be thinking of more Disney references in my life. It's quite ridiculous actually. 

"You ready?" I ask Genie who was standing by side. 

"Let's do this," she said in a dramatic voice. 

I bit back a laugh as we plunged into the crowds, hoards of procrastinators like ourselves who hadn't bought gifts yet. Eventually made our way out of the crowd and now in a quieter wing of the mall.

"Nice going solider," Genie said with a grin. She held out her fist and I bumped it. I look around see that we are surrounded by food stores.

"We are in the food court," I groan inwardly. This mall is so confusin'. Malls in Scotland made much more sense.

"I don't suppose we could get some churros? We could save one for your secret santa," Genie says. 

"What the in the world are freakin' churros?" I question with a raised eyebrow. We didn't have those in Scotland.

"You seriously don't know? Think heaven. But better." We end up at the churro stand and buying loads.

"Something tells me giving one to Kim won't cut it. No matter how delicious," I say with a grin as I bit into one.

"More for us!" Genie cheered.

"But 'onestly, what should I get Kim?" I ask between bites.

"Don't know, haven't really seen her at all."

"Same. I mean we've been introduced but that's it." We continue to eat in silence till I speak up again.

"I hate to say it but I don't really think she's putting enough effort into this whole competition. I mean I've barely even seen her, even at challenges," Elena pipes up from behind me. I whirl around and see that she must have been listening in for a bit.

" I hate talking bad about people, I mean I'm sure Kim is a sweet girl. I just really want this. And seeing someone not trying? It'd hurt me if she got further than me," I say.

"Same," Genie echos my words. An awkward silence descends on us. Its then when I recall that Elena is Genie's secret santa.
"So Elena. What do you think I should get Kim?" I ask.

"She's trying to be a Jasmine face character. You think she'd enjoy a magic lamp?"

"Just as long as I'm not excepted to appear out from it," Genie jokes.

"Great idea!" I exclaim with a smile.


I ring the doorbell of Henry's house and he ushers me in immediately. He gives me a smile and I can't help but feel attracted. I quickly chide myself though, he is a judge after all. God I needed a boyfriend badly. Whenever I encounter my immediate thought is how attractive they are.

I say my hello's to everyone and locate Kim in one corner of the house.

"Merry Christmas!" I say and quickly hand her a the box which I wrapped. Her eyes widen and her mouth opens to form a O.

"Thanks? Sorry I never got you anything.." she trails off.

"S'alright. I'm your super Santa or whatever."

"Secret santa?" she corrects with the first genuine smile I've seen from her. 

"Yeah that's it."

We awkwardly stand there for awhile till Genie comes up and drags me off.

"Try this!" she waves a drink under my nose.

"What is it?" I study the drink, it seems to be an off white color. Not to appetizing.

"Seriously? Did you ever eat anything in Scotland?"

"Haggis," I say jokingly. Personally I couldn't stand that dish. Genie shudders and I reassure her of this fact.

"This is Eggnog. With alcohol" Genie speaks slowly, as if talking to a toddler. She continues on but I tune out at alcohol.

I take the glass from her and down the drink. It almost takes frothy. I quite enjoy Eggnog I decide.

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