TUSS round 3 (:

For this round I picked to style my best friend. She's a big fan of neutral colors and not overly bright colors. She likes cool detailing such as zippers and faux fur (; She also loves boots of any sort so I included that.


December 28th – 30th: Event: Feeling daring? Well if you are; meet up with your other cast members at the local tattoo parlor. We all love Disney, so why not get some Disney ink? Just make sure that you put it somewhere your costume will cover.

Challenge: Make a set featuring the tattoo your character got (check @disney-dreaming’s items if you need ideas). If your character was too chicken to get a tattoo, make a set featuring what they did today instead.


I was super excited to get my tattoo. I've always wanted one, ever since I was young. I've always been to scared to actually go through with my ideas though. Or drunk. One of those two.

That was going to change today. I was prepared, something that wasn't the norm for me. At all. God I barely even caught my plane to California. And that plane had been my beacon of hope for months.

"So what tattoo are you gonna get?" Nastassia piped up from behind me.

That reminded me of another reason why I shouldn't be afraid. Nastassia had just got her tattoo and hadn't flipped out. She didn't really even seem the tough type to be blunt. If she could handle it, I most certainly could.

"The tattoo will consist of the infinity symbol. To and beyond will be written around it in a pretty font. So like to infinity and beyond. " I replied forcing a grin. 

Genie who was sitting next to me raised her eyebrow. 


"No!" I answered, to sharply.

"It's okay to be nervous," Nastassia soothed me in a quieter voice.

"I'm not scared," I spoke firmly. 

My entire life I've been shown not to display pain. Or fear. You had to remain strong was drilled into my brain since I was 5. You had to be tough if you were going to get into family business. I guess that little mantra hadn't quite fled my mind yet. 

"So any reason for the tattoo? I still think the haggis tattoo would suit you better," Genie joked. A nice subject change.

"As much as a haggis tattoo would look great I think I'll have to pass," I replied with a grin. Haggis had almost become an ongoing joke between Genie and I. 

"But seriously what's the meaning behind your tattoo?" Nastassia questioned curiously.

"Well I've loved Toy Story since forever. It's actually my favorite Disney/Pixar movie. Honestly I'd so be a Barbie face character if that even existed."

"A scottish redheaded barbie?" Genie asked with giggle. Nastassia joined in, that traitor. 

"What you mock my dreams!?" I exclaimed with mock hurt.

"Never. We'll always be on board with your barbie dreams," Nastassia said while patting my arm. I had to bite my lip to stop my loud laughter. 

"Okay so me being Barbie was a bit of ridiculous dream."

"A bit."

"Yeah just a bit. So then Brave happened and I got over my little Barbie dream. But I sill always loved Toy Story. And that quote has to be one of the most amazing ones. Ever. I've always been fascinated with infinite things ya know? Infinite love. Infinite dreams. Infinite everything. To go beyond infinity.. it's impossible. So this tattoo would remind me to do the impossible," I explained with a shrug. God that sounded so cheesy.

"Damn lassie. That was deeeeeep," Genie said in a mock stoned voice. I stuck my tongue out and she returned the ever so sweet gesture. 

"But seriously that's such a nice idea," Nastassia complimented with a genuine smile. I smiled in return. When I first met Nastassia I thought I wouldn't really enjoy being around her, that she was to sweet. To nice. Surprisingly I loved her company though. It was nice to have someone positive around. Someone who was always honest with you. 

"Alexis? You're up," a heavily tattooed woman calls in a monotone. She sounds bored, like she's done this a million times. So, I guess that's good?

I followed her to a tattoo station and described her my tattoo. 

"Where do you want it?"

"Just below my neck."

She started working and I grit my teeth. Damn that hurt like a bitcch. 

I felt my hand gets squeezed and my eyes flit up, surprised.

Nastassia and Genie followed me and I hadn't even noticed. 

It felt good that they could actually see through that facade of me not be nervous.

"Thanks guys," I whispered.
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