One of my favorite fashion inspired looks is Boho Style. Boho is short for Bohemian, which has been a style in the fashion industry for decades.

It is an eclectic messy look that really seems to come together at the very last second and transforms into a very chic, yet classic look.

The Boho Style is quite relaxed and totally unconventional, and conveys an
"I really do not care type attitude, and I am happy and most importantly... I LOVE ME".

Which is the main reason why I LOVE IT! The bohemian fashion style can be considered a combination of folk, punk, hippie and modern chic fashions, this is what makes it is so unconventional.

There really and truly are no rules when it comes to Boho Style, it is about wearing what you love and blending it together. Long flowing patterned skirts with cotton tops adorned with an long necklaces in varying metals and textures.

Boho or Bohemain, has been coined with the artsy genre and is indicative of a lifestyle. Bohemian actually means free thinking which really explains it all.
Boho dates back to the 50's with the "beat" movement. The beatniks as they were referred to by society, basically despised anything main stream and choose more exotic customs. Beatniks definitely were out of the box thinkers and this is the basis of this style today. The mixed patterns, flowy skirts, fringed handbags floppy hats and messy hair are just one way to show your Boho Style If you love bohemian style as much as I do then you're in luck! Because Boho fashion is considered as much "a state of mind" rather than "just a fashion trend that will fade in time".
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