Those days when you look down on yourself. Sitting alone wondering why you can’t be that straight A’s student. Wondering why you can’t be as pretty as other people. Wondering why you can’t be as classy and smart as other people. You wonder why you can’t be that child that always makes their parents proud. You wonder why whenever you look in the mirror all you see is flaws. Yet, there’s no answer? All you can think of is negative things about yourself. You can’t find anything beautiful about yourself, because whenever you look in the mirror all you see is a hideous monster.
Truth is, you’re just wasting your time living a sad life. To the point where you just forget about who accepts you for you. To yourself you’re a hideous monster, but to others you’re nothing what you describe. Having straight A’s doesn’t always mean you’re smart, no one was born with a perfect brain; people are smart because they actually try. You’ll have that forever alone moment because you think you can’t be as beautiful as others forgetting that there might be someone out there that accepts you. You don’t need to be smart or classy like other people, everyone is unique in one way or another. You don’t need a 00 body, or a person with big hips and boobs to look amazing. You don’t need to wear makeup to look beautiful. You don’t have to make anyone proud, you don’t live to phrase anyone. Just do what’s best for yourself. Of course you’re going to see flaws on your face, every girl that washes their makeup off their face will all see flaws. You can’t find anything beautiful about yourself because you don’t look hard enough. You have to thank your parents and God for actually giving you a face with a pair of eyes, one nose, and a pair of lips.
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